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Author Topic: And Hell Rained Down.......  (Read 13756 times)
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« on: March 04, 2008, 11:25:26 PM »

This is going to take a while to get all posted.........

[16:40]  Mahaila Bertrand startles
[16:40]  You: oh
[16:40]  You: mister darkstone
[16:40]  Mahaila Bertrand smiles nervously and takes a step back
[16:40]  Darenn Darkstone grabs Mah's arm and oputs a hand over her mouth as he pulls her into the alley
[16:40]  You: I had planned on coming to see you.......later
[16:41]  Mahaila Bertrand widens her eyes and immediately begins struggling and screaming within the hand
[16:41]  Mahaila Bertrand jerks and writhes beneath his grasp as terror grips her
[16:42]  Darenn Darkstone presses her against the wall and whispers in her ear as his hand is still voer her mouth. "Scream and die. Understand?"
[16:45]  Mahaila Bertrand looks into his eyes, her terror gripping her as she nods quickly
[16:45]  Mahaila Bertrand closes her eyes and pleads silently with him
[16:46]  Darenn Darkstone: Good I don't want to have to gag you.
[16:46]  Mahaila Bertrand draws in a deep breath through her nose and shakes her head again, her eyes widening more
[16:46]  Darenn Darkstone he throws her face first on the ground and kneels on her back grabbing a fistfull of her hair and pulling up on it.
[16:47]  Mahaila Bertrand falls to the ground at the blow, pain striking her senseless until she feels herself being dragged up
[16:47]  Mahaila Bertrand breathlessly moans: please....
[16:48]  Mahaila Bertrand whimpers out: no.....no....~feeling certain he about to kill her~
[16:49]  Mahaila Bertrand squeezes her eyes shut: please..oh god please..
[16:50]  Darenn Darkstone takes out his bowie knife and cuts the long auborn locks off. After doing that his blade slices down the back of her corset.
[16:50]  Mahaila Bertrand 's terror takes voice as she screams at the feel of the blade
[16:50]  Darenn Darkstone pushes her head down in the ground to muffle the screams.
[16:51]  Darenn Darkstone: You really want to die?
[16:52]  Darenn Darkstone gets off her and pulls her to her feet by the arm.
[16:52]  Mahaila Bertrand tries to shake her head in the snow but is unable to move
[16:52]  Darenn Darkstone: Tell Ron that I will be waiting for him at the shack.
[16:52]  Mahaila Bertrand holds her dress tightly against herself as she is drug viciously to her feet
[16:52]  Mahaila Bertrand looks at him trembling, not understanding that he is letting her go
[16:52]  Darenn Darkstone pushes her out towards the street
[16:52]  Darenn Darkstone: Tell him that.
[16:53]  Mahaila Bertrand watches you a moment until she realizes what is happening and turns to run, falling every few steps as she holds her dress

~Mah Runs straight to Ron~

[16:56]  Mahaila Bertrand rushes into the shop, stumbling to the ground and holding her dress tightly to her with her hand, tears streaming down her face as she pants and desperately tries to make it up the stairs .....she loudly continues to stumble every few steps and begins calling out "Ron..RON...RON!!! RON!!!" as hysteria begins to take hold "RON, help me, help me.......help........ron" She collapses at the top of the stairs
[16:56]  Nitron Xi runs to the door
[16:57]  Nitron Xi: mah mah what...
[16:57]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up, her dress held up by only her hand as sheregards you with terror filled eyes and tear stained cheeks
[16:57]  Mahaila Bertrand: he...he took me...he.....he came..he grabbed......help me..please
[16:57]  Nitron Xi: what happened
[16:57]  Nitron Xi: who who did this
[16:57]  Nitron Xi narrows his eyes
[16:57]  Mahaila Bertrand reaches out her other hand to you from the floor and grabs a fistfull of your shirt as she tries to pull you down to her
[16:57]  Nitron Xi: mah?... please tell me who did this
[16:58]  Nitron Xi: me leans over and holds her mah hun. please what happend
[16:58]  Nitron Xi: tell me
[16:59]  Nitron Xi looks to her panic and confusion setting in
[16:59]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head and drags you down, pressing against you and nearly tearing at your shirt as she grabs tightly and looks into your eyes with desperateion, her jaw already swollen. she is oblivious to the blood coming out of her mouth
[16:59]  Mahaila Bertrand: he......he grabbed me......
[16:59]  Mahaila Bertrand sobs and trembles violently as she speaks
[16:59]  Mahaila Bertrand: he said he'd kill me if i screamed, ron......i couldn't scream......he said he'd kill me!
[16:59]  Mahaila Bertrand shrieks her words at this point as she relives the event
[16:59]  Nitron Xi looks to her anger starting to well up inside
[17:00]  Mahaila Bertrand: he..he hit me and .......then.......oh god!
[17:00]  Nitron Xi: MAH WHO DID THIS
[17:00]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up at you.. and then down in shame
[17:00]  Mahaila Bertrand: he cut my hair.....and then he ......he used his knife to...
[17:00]  Nitron Xi looks over to her as he rest his hands on his schofield
[17:00]  Mahaila Bertrand dissolves into tears and trembling
[17:00]  Nitron Xi narrows his eyes the fire starting to show
[17:00]  Nitron Xi: Mah my love please tell me who did this to you. they will not live to see another day
[17:01]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head and buries her face in  your chest as she sobs out: he said to meet him
[17:01]  Nitron Xi wraps his arms around her
[17:01]  Nitron Xi: rubbing up and down on her arms
[17:01]  Nitron Xi: mah who said to meet me?
[17:02]  Mahaila Bertrand cries harder still: oh god, i was so scared.....he said he'd kill me.i didnt think i'd ever see you again
[17:02]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up, another thought occuring to her as her eyes widen once more
[17:02]  Mahaila Bertrand: no....no you have to help me, we can't let dj find out
[17:03]  Nitron Xi: mah just give me the name
[17:03]  Nitron Xi: who?
[17:03]  Mahaila Bertrand begins to try to hold her dress together with shaking hands and reaches up to feel her hair as she realizes how useless it would be to try to hide and dissolves into sobs again : he pulled me upby my hair and used his knife....
[17:03]  Nitron Xi looks down to her mah i have had enough of this who was it
[17:03]  Mahaila Bertrand falls back into his chest and sobs: Mister ......Mister Darkstone!
[17:04]  Nitron Xi looks down to her eyes narrowing at the name
[17:04]  Mahaila Bertrand: he wantsyou to meet him at .......
[17:04]  Nitron Xi: darkstone!
[17:04]  Mahaila Bertrand nods intp his chest
[17:04]  Nitron Xi anger is boiling at this point
[17:04]  Nitron Xi: DARKSTONE!
[17:05]  Nitron Xi mah i have to...
[17:05]  Mahaila Bertrand: he said
[17:05]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up fearfully
[17:05]  Mahaila Bertrand: dont leave me ron..please.....dont leave me
[17:05]  Mahaila Bertrand: oh god,  you're going to leave me
[17:05]  Nitron Xi looks down to her
[17:05]  Nitron Xi: mah listen to me it has to end
[17:05]  Nitron Xi: this has to end...
[17:05]  Mahaila Bertrand draws in ragged breaths as she looks at hte resolve on his face
[17:06]  Nitron Xi: a tear forms in his eye through the anger
[17:06]  Mahaila Bertrand: you'll....you'll come back?
[17:06]  Nitron Xi: i have to end this mah...
[17:06]  Mahaila Bertrand reaches a self concious hand to her shorn hair and looks deeply pained
[17:07]  Nitron Xi embraces her tight
[17:07]  Nitron Xi: mah i will be back and this will be done
[17:07]  Mahaila Bertrand closes her eyes and whimpers as her bruised jaw is pressed against his chest
[17:07]  Nitron Xi: i got larsson. i will take darkstone as well
[17:08]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up, her entire existence shook to the core at this point: i love you......please
[17:08]  Nitron Xi looks into her eye and i will return to you. mah i will always be with you forever
[17:08]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head as the resolution of what he must do sinks in
[17:09]  Mahaila Bertrand nods
[17:09]  Mahaila Bertrand: he said to meet him at the shack
[17:09]  Nitron Xi: mah i love you so so much. mah you are the one
[17:09]  Mahaila Bertrand slumps into a fit of tears again, realizing she has just sent ron headfirst to meet her attacker
[17:10]  Nitron Xi: listen to me my love
[17:10]  Nitron Xi: i will return to you
[17:10]  Nitron Xi: everyone was scared of larsson
[17:10]  Mahaila Bertrand remains on the floor, allowing the back of her dress to gape open where it was cut as she sobs quietly: come back to me......please
[17:10]  Nitron Xi: but i got him didnt i.
[17:11]  Nitron Xi lightly runs a finger down her cheek and to her chin as his lips meet hers
[17:11]  Nitron Xi: I will come back to you i promise
[17:12]  Mahaila Bertrand 's small frame is wracked with silent shudders as she kisses him, her eyes squeezed shut in silent prayer that it wont be the last
[17:12]  Nitron Xi pulls out his schofield pistol and stands up
[17:12]  Nitron Xi: mah i love you always and forever
[17:12]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up to the barrel of the gun and then to his eyes
[17:13]  Nitron Xi heads down the stairs with determination to end this once and for all
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« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2008, 11:25:35 PM »

~New Scene, Ron on Rampage..meets up with DJ~

[17:05]  EllieJo Merryman: *grins as she watches*
[17:05]  Dazar Perun takes aim and shoots down river
[17:05]  EllieJo Merryman: wow! that's loud! *covers her ears*
[17:06]  Dazar Perun looks down at her "See not that hard" he laughs some "Should of not done that with out telling ya first"
[17:06]  EllieJo Merryman rubs her ears and laughs
[17:06]  EllieJo Merryman: do it again but this time go 3 2 1 shoot k?
[17:06]  EllieJo Merryman: *giggles*
[17:06]  Dazar Perun takes the gun and aims "allright"
[17:07]  You: 1
[17:07]  You: 2
[17:07]  You: 3
[17:07]  EllieJo Merryman covers her ears
[17:07]  EllieJo Merryman: hee hee hee
[17:07]  Dazar Perun slides the gun into his holster
[17:07]  EllieJo Merryman: you think you hit anything?
[17:08]  Dazar Perun shakes his head "Naw the water slows down the bullet when it hits, so it wont hit nothing"
[17:08]  EllieJo Merryman smiles
[17:08]  EllieJo Merryman: except the fish
[17:08]  Dazar Perun shrugs some "It will help the bears and stuff"
[17:08]  You: allready dead fish and all
[17:09]  EllieJo Merryman: there is bears up here too? *looks at him wide eyed*
[17:09]  Dazar Perun nods "Ya im sure in the woods, but it is winter so they probly all sleeping or sometthing"
[17:09]  EllieJo Merryman: have you ever seen one?
[17:10]  Dazar Perun nods some "ya i used to camp out there, before moving into town"
[17:10]  EllieJo Merryman: How scary!
[17:10]  EllieJo Merryman: I'd screamed
[17:10]  EllieJo Merryman: *shudders*
[17:11]  EllieJo Merryman: That guy at the Bella reminds me of a bear, and he scares me enough, can't imagine if he had claws
[17:12]  Dazar Perun laughs "ya Clay aint all that bad tho"
[17:12]  EllieJo Merryman: *sighs* I guess it is for the best I don't go in there, considering all I hear from Aunt Faith
[17:13]  You: ya Bella aint all that great for new folks gots to get your deadwood legs first
[17:13]  EllieJo Merryman looks at the water ... "Deadwood legs?"
[17:14]  Dazar Perun laughs "Just a Expression"
[17:14]  EllieJo Merryman: I guess all I have seen so far is a dead body which was enough for me I guess... *shudders*
[17:14]  EllieJo Merryman: Aunt says she is trying to help Neil clean up this town
[17:15]  EllieJo Merryman: By influence
[17:15]  Dazar Perun nods "takes time" he looks over at Ron "Hey ron what ya doing?
[17:15]  EllieJo Merryman looks over
[17:15]  Nitron Xi looks over
[17:15]  Nitron Xi: dj he will die
[17:15]  You: who will die?
[17:15]  Nitron Xi looks over fire burning in his eye
[17:15]  EllieJo Merryman: who? what? *looks to DJ paniced*
[17:16]  Nitron Xi: DARKSTONE!!!!!!!
[17:16]  EllieJo Merryman gasps
[17:16]  Dazar Perun face goes white "I thought he was dead"
[17:16]  Nitron Xi: dj he hurt mah
[17:16]  Nitron Xi: he hit her dj
[17:16]  Dazar Perun looks around "What"
[17:16]  EllieJo Merryman: We... we just saw her
[17:16]  Nitron Xi: he hit here
[17:16]  Nitron Xi: her
[17:16]  Dazar Perun looks around a bit "Were is he!"
[17:16]  Nitron Xi looks up as a single shot rings out
[17:17]  Nitron Xi catchs it in the leg yelling out AHHHHHHHh
[17:17]  EllieJo Merryman looks around scared
[17:17]  Dazar Perun runs forward "Ron!"
[17:17]  Nitron Xi: he stumbles
[17:17]  Dazar Perun reaches out to try and grab him
[17:17]  EllieJo Merryman stands behind DJ afraid to move
[17:18]  Nitron Xi is Offline
[17:19]  Nitron Xi is Online
[17:19]  EllieJo Merryman looks to where Ron is pointing
[17:19]  Dazar Perun reaches out to try and grab Ron "ROn!"
[17:19]  Nitron Xi stubles and falls into the river
[17:19]  Tydus Agnon is Online
[17:19]  Nitron Xi: striking his head on a rock below
[17:19]  Dazar Perun looks down "RON!"
[17:19]  EllieJo Merryman shouts "OH NO!"
[17:20]  Dazar Perun flings off his gun and jacket to the wood planks as he dives in after him
[17:20]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ its frezzing in there
[17:20]  Nitron Xi limp body is floating down the river with the current
[17:20]  EllieJo Merryman looks over and almost falls in
[17:20]  Dazar Perun swims after him trying to grab him but the current is to strong
[17:20]  EllieJo Merryman screams
[17:20]  You: RON!!!!
[17:21]  EllieJo Merryman watches unable to blink
[17:21]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ!!!
[17:21]  Nitron Xi the blood flowing out of the crach is in his head
[17:21]  Nitron Xi: crack
[17:22]  EllieJo Merryman gets close to see if he is ok
[17:22]  Dazar Perun swims down under trying to find him and poops back up "I CANT FIND HIM!"
[17:22]  You: pos*
[17:22]  EllieJo Merryman looks at DJ concerned
[17:22]  Dazar Perun climbs out of the water searching the shore line "RON!"
[17:22]  EllieJo Merryman: maybe we should get help
[17:23]  Dazar Perun runs up the bridge grabbing his cloths as he throws them on with his gun "Lets go!"
[17:23]  EllieJo Merryman nods
[17:24]  Dazar Perun yells "HELP , RON BEEN SHOT!"
[17:24]  Jeni Trefusis is Offline
[17:24]  EllieJo Merryman pants
[17:24]  Dazar Perun shivers a bit from the cold as he pulls his jacket tighter "SOME ONE!"
[17:24]  EllieJo Merryman: anyone
[17:24]  Mae Goldflake: DJ, you ok?
[17:25]  EllieJo Merryman looks horrified
[17:25]  Dazar Perun breaths as he shivers soak and wet "Darkstone......Shot ron.... he drifted down stream"
[17:25]  Mae Goldflake fliches from the looks on their faces
[17:25]  Mae Goldflake: you shot him?
[17:25]  Willard Deerhunter: where is he
[17:25]  EllieJo Merryman wipes the tears in her eyes
[17:25]  Dazar Perun shakes his head "He got away , i tryed going in after ron"
[17:25]  EllieJo Merryman points to the river
[17:26]  Mae Goldflake: we need to find him, so he doesn't get away!
[17:26]  EllieJo Merryman is breathless
[17:26]  Dazar Perun looks around "Were is the sheriff" He yells
[17:26]  Jeni Trefusis is Online
[17:26]  Dazar Perun points to her "NO WE GOT TO GET TO RON BEFORE ..... before he DIES!"
[17:26]  Mae Goldflake: haven't seen him....*looks around wildly
[17:26]  Willard Deerhunter: where is he
[17:26]  EllieJo Merryman looks around too
[17:26]  You: Marshall sheriff!
[17:26]  Meriwether Runningbear: What's the matter DJ
[17:26]  JF Kanto: dJ?
[17:26]  JF Kanto: whats wrong
[17:26]  EllieJo Merryman: guns fire shoot!
[17:26]  Dazar Perun breaths a bit he was soak and wet still "He shot him , he shot ron, i lost him in the River!"
[17:27]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damn
[17:27]  Jeni Trefusis is Offline
[17:27]  EllieJo Merryman: in the river!!!
[17:27]  Meriwether Runningbear: Where boy?
[17:27]  JF Kanto: damn it
[17:27]  EllieJo Merryman looks paniced
[17:27]  JF Kanto: the river
[17:27]  Dazar Perun points "Down by the main street bridge"
[17:27]  Jeni Trefusis is Online
[17:27]  Mae Goldflake wrings her hands
[17:27]  EllieJo Merryman: he fell!
[17:27]  Heathur Spaight is Online
[17:28]  Meriwether Runningbear: he fell in the river DJ said
[17:28]  Meriwether Runningbear: after bein shot
[17:28]  Poohneil Streeter: oh lord
[17:28]  Poohneil Streeter: Jesus
[17:28]  Dazar Perun runs up behind them as he shakes a bit from the cold "You got to find him, he is like a father to me!"
[17:28]  Meriwether Runningbear: RON!.....RON!
[17:29]  EllieJo Merryman tries to catch her breath as she looks helplessly into the water
[17:29]  Dazar Perun bends over coughing a bit "IM GONNA KILL HIM!"
[17:29]  Poohneil Streeter: Hi Ellie Jo
[17:29]  EllieJo Merryman spins around alarmed
[17:29]  Poohneil Streeter: What ... what's going on?
[17:29]  EllieJo Merryman: Neil! HE has been shot!
[17:29]  EllieJo Merryman: Ron *looks again at the water*
[17:29]  Dazar Perun looks down river and yells "RON!"
[17:29]  Poohneil Streeter: Oh no
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake: Neil!
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake: oh my lord!
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake: Neil!
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake: oh my lord!
[17:30]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ do yuou see him?
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake: Darenn shot him
[17:30]  EllieJo Merryman looks over the side of the bridge
[17:30]  Mae Goldflake looks frantically around
[17:30]  Poohneil Streeter: Could he have gone down river?
[17:30]  EllieJo Merryman gulps
[17:30]  Dazar Perun breaks down a bit "I cant lose another father , not like this"
[17:31]  Mae Goldflake: that's what DJ thinks
[17:31]  Poohneil Streeter: oh, that poor kid
[17:31]  EllieJo Merryman tries not to cry, "They'll find him"
[17:31]  Mae Goldflake: he went in the river after him.....he's soaked to the bone
[17:31]  EllieJo Merryman: I'm sure of it

[17:31]  EllieJo Merryman tries not to cry, "They'll find him"
[17:31]  Mae Goldflake: he went in the river after him.....he's soaked to the bone
[17:31]  Ben41 Comet is Online
[17:31]  EllieJo Merryman: I'm sure of it
[17:31]  Poohneil Streeter: Hell, it's a bad day to dive in
[17:31]  Poohneil Streeter: Kid'll freeze
[17:32]  Dazar Perun shakes his head a bit hanging as the water drips off him his face contorts a bit "Darkstone! come out im going to god damn kill you!"
[17:32]  EllieJo Merryman tries to control her breathing
[17:32]  EllieJo Merryman tries to control her breathing
[17:32]  Dazar Perun walks off driping wet as he heads twords the sheriff in the marshall
[17:32]  EllieJo Merryman looks around again frantic
[17:33]  Bastet Lyon: where the assailant is
[17:33]  EllieJo Merryman: Did you find him?
[17:33]  EllieJo Merryman looks at them hopefully
[17:33]  Dazar Perun shakes a bit not knowing it is from anger or cold his face was red and his eyes were creased a bit as eh looks up to him "You find ron"
[17:33]  JF Kanto: No..not yet
[17:33]  Sand Rau: hey
[17:33]  Sand Rau: hey
[17:33]  Bastet Lyon: i am under strict orders form my husband to not treat anymore shot people less i konw where the assailent went to
[17:33]  Sand Rau: any of yall seen ron?
[17:33]  Bastet Lyon: too dangerous
[17:33]  EllieJo Merryman looks again frantically in the river
[17:33]  JF Kanto shaking his head...anger flaring in his eyes
[17:33]  Bastet Lyon: we hear ron was shot
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: im looking for him to treat him
[17:34]  Sand Rau: what!
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: but
[17:34]  Dazar Perun breaths heavy his teeth gritted as he scans the river again "Ill go back in ill try to find him"
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: you need to find the assailant
[17:34]  Sand Rau looks at the man
[17:34]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ!
[17:34]  JF Kanto: We cant find him anywhere SAnd
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: o ri wont be able to help him
[17:34]  EllieJo Merryman: Don't!
[17:34]  EllieJo Merryman: You'll freeze!
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: dont what
[17:34]  Meriwether Runningbear: DAMNIT
[17:34]  PiZZABOX Orr is Offline
[17:34]  Bastet Lyon: oh my god
[17:34]  Meriwether Runningbear shakes the water out of his hat
[17:34]  PiZZABOX Orr is Online
[17:35]  Bastet Lyon: is that man gonna jump in th ewater
[17:35]  Bastet Lyon: oh no
[17:35]  Meriwether Runningbear: I don't know what happened to him
[17:35]  Bastet Lyon: hell catch his death too cold
[17:35]  Dazar Perun sighs deeply as he looks at the river every inch of him shaking
[17:35]  Bastet Lyon: no
[17:35]  JF Kanto: He had to have gotten out
[17:35]  EllieJo Merryman: They'll find him *looks around scared*
[17:35]  EllieJo Merryman: you think Darenn is still around?
[17:35]  Sand Rau looks at dj
[17:35]  JF Kanto look of anger and worry on his face
[17:35]  Meriwether Runningbear puts his arm around DJ...did you see who shot him DJ?
[17:35]  Bastet Lyon: who shot ron any how
[17:36]  Bastet Lyon: anyone know
[17:36]  Bastet Lyon: well i cant help here
[17:36]  Dazar Perun looks to the hills were the shot came from as he looks back into town "THe mans dead, god damn dead" he looks to Meri "Ron said Darkstone was back" he pushes the hand off and marches into town
[17:36]  Bastet Lyon: im going back to the boarding house
[17:36]  Meriwether Runningbear shivers in his wet clothes
[17:36]  Bastet Lyon: who the hell is darkstone
[17:36]  Willard Deerhunter: did you find him
[17:37]  Ben41 Comet is Offline
[17:37]  EllieJo Merryman: Where are you doing DJ?
[17:37]  Willard Deerhunter: did you find Ron
[17:37]  Dazar Perun shakes a bit dripping head to toe as he walks by "They kill him judge, they killed Ron, he killed Ron" he wiped his eyes a bit "Im going to kill him he stole another father from me"
[17:37]  EllieJo Merryman looks breathlesss

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[17:42]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up, her eyes wild with terror
[17:42]  EllieJo Merryman tries to catch her breath
[17:42]  EllieJo Merryman: Ma'am...
[17:42]  EllieJo Merryman: Ron
[17:42]  Mahaila Bertrand looks at the girl, herself haggard with her freshly cut hair and swollen jaw, still holding her dress up
[17:42]  EllieJo Merryman: he....*looks around for DJ*
[17:42]  Kaytlyn Irling: ah.. daughter.. your safe.. I had not seen youtoday and thought the worse
[17:43]  EllieJo Merryman coughs
[17:44]  EllieJo Merryman: he's been ... and fell... then DJ ran after him.... *tries to slow down*
[17:44]  Dazar Perun: ((bah crashed))
[17:44]  EllieJo Merryman: in the water... well ... swam not ran
[17:44]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head as she tries to make sense of the words, looking to DJ with fearful eyes
[17:44]  Jeni Trefusis watchs Kate as she puts her knife aside on the piano
[17:44]  You: no.....no, DJ, wheres Ron.....please go get him. he said he'd come back
[17:44]  EllieJo Merryman shakes her head
[17:45]  EllieJo Merryman: they... he... looking in the river... *points frantically to where the river is*
[17:45]  Jeni Trefusis shrugs lightly as she speaks up "wouldn't surprise me"
[17:45]  Mahaila Bertrand struggles to stand and continues to press her dress against her in the front as she looks frantically to her nephew. She appears wild and on the verge of madness
[17:45]  Dazar Perun shakes a bit "Th...th..th" he shakes some from the cold "They...... ki ki killed him Mah" he wiped his eyes "THey too ...took R. R. RON"
[17:45]  Sheamus Foggarty lays back..bleeding ...oozing from his ribs into the bandages...soon subject to the grips of death
[17:45]  EllieJo Merryman gulps
[17:46]  Mahaila Bertrand falls back against the wall as if she had been struck yet again
[17:46]  EllieJo Merryman: the men... all of them... well.... they looking for him
[17:46]  EllieJo Merryman: they're*
[17:46]  You: no.no , he cant kill ron. did you see him? if he is dead, why are they looking for him? he's not! DJ DONT SAY THAT!!!!!!!!
[17:47]  Salissa Wilder: ehllo kate
[17:47]  Kaytlyn Irling steps away from the door so the folks can get in
[17:47]  Mahaila Bertrand shrieks as she rushes across the room to dj and grabs him by the shoulders

[17:47]  Dazar Perun shakes his head as he force words out stutering more "He was shot fell into the River, i co couldent get to him couldent grab him" he shook more "I le let him D D DIe" he broke down
[17:48]  Sheamus Foggarty lays back on the floor...hearing voices..and wondering why no one is helping
[17:48]  You: NO!!!
[17:48]  Mahaila Bertrand jerks DJ visiously by his shoulders and looks at him, forcing him to meet her eyes
[17:48]  Dazar Perun looks up at her shaking more his eyes glazed over from the cold
[17:48]  You: NO! he is NOT gone, dont you say that! you were mistaken, he was just hurt! Do you HEAR ME!?
[17:50]  Mahaila Bertrand looks at him and holds her breath, as her heart shatters in a million pieces and she pulls him to her tightly, clinging to him as if it might make her wish come true

[17:50]  Dazar Perun shakes as he looks to Elliejo "llll.... look after my aunt" he tryed to turn feeling her grab him
[17:50]  EllieJo Merryman finally controled her breathing enough
[17:50]  EllieJo Merryman: ok DJ
[17:51]  Mahaila Bertrand watches him leave, staring in horror at the empty landing before her.
[17:51]  Dazar Perun shakes some as he walks out "Fire"
[17:51]  EllieJo Merryman looks after where DJ left
[17:52]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head and begins speaking to herself as she looks around the room: no..no he's not gone....they are wrong, they're all wrong....

[17:55]  EllieJo Merryman looks at Mah
[17:55]  You: hes not gone....
[17:55]  EllieJo Merryman: My Aunti isn't going to like this
[17:55]  Mahaila Bertrand looks at the bed and begins to sob at the sight of his pillow
[17:55]  EllieJo Merryman shakes her head
[17:56]  You: hes not gone..where was he? i have to find him
[17:56]  EllieJo Merryman gulps
[17:56]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ went after him
[17:56]  EllieJo Merryman: but.....
[17:56]  You: no.hes not gone....i have to go find him
[17:56]  EllieJo Merryman: he couldn't find him
[17:58]  EllieJo Merryman looks at her helplessly
[17:58]  Mahaila Bertrand turns on the young girl, her eyes raging as she yells: HE DIDNT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!!!

(This is where Jeni shows up to take Mah hostage. EllieJoe and Kaytlyn are there as well and get dragged into it. They are all taken upstairs. I don't have the first few lines from Jeni, it was so difficult to log all of this as it happened so fast and so much was going on at one time. I am going to change the font to blue for all of the events that took place inside of Ron's shop with Jeni, leaving the street events black)

(Jeni has just told Mah that Ron is absolutely Dead and taking place outside is the soon to be epic battle between DJ and Darenn)

[18:14]  Darenn Darkstone: You and I have unfinished business
[18:14]  Willard Deerhunter: hello coward
[18:14]  Cameo Capalini: SCUM
[18:14]  Jeni Trefusis: Lets just see bout whether we keep you alive or not
[18:14]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head and squeezes her eyes shut

[18:14]  Cameo Capalini: you shot a girl
[18:14]  You: no...dont say that, dont you ever say that!
[18:14]  Kaytlyn Irling takes the rope and ties it around Mah hands..

[18:14]  Dazar Perun breaths a bit heavy "Tell me one thing Darkstone, you kill my father?"
[18:14]  Mahaila Bertrand looks to kate, her eyes forgiving
[18:15]  Darenn Darkstone: No I didn't
[18:15]  Darenn Darkstone: Larsson did.
[18:15]  Sand Rau: you up there....
[18:15]  Dazar Perun looks at him "You shoot ron?"
[18:15]  Darenn Darkstone: Yes I did
[18:15]  Willard Deerhunter: stay in here with me susiie
[18:15]  Willard Deerhunter: holster
[18:15]  Sand Rau looks up to the top of the bella
[18:15]  Jeni Trefusis sighs heavily, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand as she grips the gun
[18:15]  Susie Aichi: yes sir
[18:15]  Latiku Littlething: Somebody do SOMETHING!
[18:15]  Susie Aichi: but how about hostage
[18:15]  Mahaila Bertrand keeps her muscles tensed as kayt ties her up
[18:15]  Darenn Darkstone: Gentlemen This will be a clean fight man on man no weapons. Peirce up there will make sure it stays that way
[18:15]  Jeni Trefusis: Wheres Blondie?
[18:16]  Willard Deerhunter: i have an idea
[18:16]  Dazar Perun looks down his face going into a frown as he pulls out a cigar and places it in his lips looking back to him his entire body shaking from cold and anger striking a match and lighting it "then you did kill my father, my second father, your gonna die for it Darkstone"
[18:16]  Jeni Trefusis: I SAID, WHERE THE HELL IS BLONDIE MAH??
[18:16]  Darenn Darkstone: The ladies' lives will be forfiet if anyone tries to stop it.
[18:16]  Jeni Trefusis ties up Kate, angrily pulling on the rope
[18:16]  Kaytlyn Irling rolls onto her side to keep the weight off of her baby
[18:16]  Jeni Trefusis: RON IS DEAD MAH

[18:16]  Darenn Darkstone: Are we agreed to my terms?
[18:16]  Jeni Trefusis looks back
[18:16]  EllieJo Merryman comes from out of under the bed

[18:16]  Darenn Darkstone: Just me and the boy
[18:16]  Kaytlyn Irling cries out as it pinches her skin
[18:17]  Jeni Trefusis holds the gun to the girls head
[18:17]  You: no! no he can't be dead......stop saying that!

[18:17]  Latiku Littlething is in tears of fear and worry
[18:17]  Jeni Trefusis: Where the fuck do you think you're going?
[18:17]  Jeni Trefusis: Get back here, Now!
[18:17]  Mahaila Bertrand turns to see jeni holding the gun to the girl and attempts to swing her legs to kick jeni

[18:17]  Meriwether Runningbear scoots back out of the way
[18:17]  EllieJo Merryman spins around and stops
[18:17]  Kaytlyn Irling tries to look up to see what is going on

[18:17]  JF Kanto backs up a bit more to give them room
[18:17]  Jeni Trefusis steps out the way just in time, turning round she kicks Mah in the stomach
[18:17]  Dazar Perun looks up to him taking in a breath from his cigar and blowing out the smoke wiping at his eyes a bit as he looks at thim "You want to fight me then fight me"
[18:17]  Jeni Trefusis: Dont even try that Mah
[18:18]  Kaytlyn Irling no.. don't hurt her..
[18:18]  EllieJo Merryman tries to breath but cant

[18:18]  Darenn Darkstone puts up his rifle and kicks the Marshall out of the way.
[18:18]  Jeni Trefusis waves the gun at her "You wanna die too?"
[18:18]  Mahaila Bertrand doubles over as the wind is knocked out of her, leaving her gasping for breath

[18:18]  Meriwether Runningbear: uumph
[18:18]  EllieJo Merryman shakes her head frantically
[18:18]  JF Kanto: Dont Move Cameo
[18:18]  Jeni Trefusis picks up the other rope from the bed and starts wrapping it tightly round the girl
[18:18]  EllieJo Merryman lets out a wimper

[18:18]  Meriwether Runningbear: I'll be ok JF...
[18:18]  Dazar Perun takes off his holster and toesses it to the side with his gun
[18:18]  Darenn Darkstone tosses his weapons to the side
[18:18]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damnit all to hell!
[18:19]  EllieJo Merryman: p p please no
[18:19]  Kaytlyn Irling tries to scoot closer to Mah and whispers.. it wil be okay.. they will sooner or later notice were missing

[18:19]  JF Kanto watches the two as they square off
[18:19]  Jeni Trefusis pushes the girl onto the floor
[18:19]  Meriwether Runningbear: Lucy! get back out of the way!
[18:19]  Latiku Littlething: Why isn't anybody doing anything? Ah wan mah mama!
[18:19]  Darenn Darkstone: So did you father die screaming after he ran from us?
[18:19]  EllieJo Merryman begins to really cry
[18:19]  Jeni Trefusis looks round at them all, tears running down her face as she rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet, aiming the guns at each of them in turn
[18:19]  Mahaila Bertrand pants and looks around, mentally imaginging where the guns are

[18:20]  JF Kanto whispers to Cameo....wait...wiat for my signal
[18:20]  You: jeni....you dont want to do this
[18:20]  Meriwether Runningbear: MAE! GEt Lucy out of here!
[18:20]  EllieJo Merryman tries to wiggle her wrists free
[18:20]  Meriwether Runningbear: NOw!
[18:20]  Dazar Perun shakes his head as he takes the cigar in his mouth and tosses it to the side "My father wouldent scream you sack of shit, he would of looked death in the face and welcomed it, but screaming is how i intend you to go out, like the snivvling little pig you are"
[18:20]  JF Kanto: Lucy, get back

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~This is where darenn forces a showdown with dj outside and has told dj if he fights back or if someone shoots darenn, the ladies will die too. I am missing pieces of this rp, if anyone has them and can message them to me, i will modify this post to fit them in where they belong.~

Dazar is sooooooooo good in this, Darenn....you are the best bad guy ever I swear. I still haven't gotten a chance to read over this fully!

[18:20]  JF Kanto: Lucy now

[18:20]  Kaytlyn Irling nods in agreement.. with tears in her eyes.. please.. just let us go..
[18:20]  Jeni Trefusis voice wavers as she looks down at Mah "It don't matter what I want... I got my orders.."

[18:21]  JF Kanto moves to Lucy
[18:21]  Jeni Trefusis: As long as you all behave, this may have a happy ending
[18:21]  Darenn Darkstone: Come on boy, free shot.
[18:21]  EllieJo Merryman: No no... this can't be happing to me *sobs*
[18:21]  Jeni Trefusis reachs down and strokes Mahs newly shortened hair
[18:21]  Kaytlyn Irling feels a tightening in her stomach..
[18:21]  Darenn Darkstone: Let's see how much of a man you really are
[18:21]  Jeni Trefusis: and I'm real sorry bout Ron
[18:21]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up at jeni, her eyes narrowed
[18:21]  Jeni Trefusis: That was real unfortunate

[18:21]  Dazar Perun looks up to him "I dont want your pitty, you wanted to fight me, fight me"
[18:21]  Mahaila Bertrand jerks her head away
[18:21]  You: dont touch me
[18:21]  Kaytlyn Irling moans at the new pain
[18:21]  Mahaila Bertrand grits her teeth and looks to kayt
[18:22]  You: you'd really kill an innocent child, jeni?
[18:22]  Jeni Trefusis steps back tearfully, leaning against the wall as she looks at them lying helplessly on the floor
[18:22]  EllieJo Merryman realizes getting free is hopeles and begins to wail

[18:22]  Jayson Faulkner is Online
[18:22]  Dazar Perun shakes a bit his cloths holding him down some from the wate rin them as he walks up to him and pulls his fist back and drives it twords his face "Piss ....OFF!"
[18:22]  Jeni Trefusis: As long as you all behave then I won't be hurting anyone
[18:22]  Bobby Troughton is Online
[18:22]  Black Hotaling is Online
[18:23]  Meriwether Runningbear gradually begins to sit up...
[18:23]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up to the gun in her hand, judging her grip on it before her eyes dart around the room to find the exact placement of everyone
[18:23]  Kaytlyn Irling looks at Jeni in confusion. You said order? whose orders jeni
[18:23]  Jeni Trefusis flinchs at the gunshots

[18:23]  Darenn Darkstone catches the punch with his fist and attempts to twist the arm as he brings a knee up to the boy's gut
[18:23]  Jeni Trefusis: GODDAMNIT!
[18:23]  Cameo Capalini: JF the roof
[18:24]  EllieJo Merryman screams at the sound of gunfire
[18:24]  Darenn Darkstone: Just think if I die so do the ladies
[18:24]  Jeni Trefusis notices Mahs gaze, bending down she places a gun to her head
[18:24]  JF Kanto: Don Move
[18:24]  Jeni Trefusis: Don't even think about it
[18:24]  Kaytlyn Irling starts at the gun shot
[18:24]  Mahaila Bertrand reaches and tries to kick at jeni's ankles again when she is distracted

[18:24]  Dazar Perun feels the gut wrench as the knee knocks him back some kicking the wind out of him his knee hits the ground as he breaths a bit heavy as he looks up "What the hell you talking about"
[18:24]  JF Kanto: everyone stay where you are
[18:24]  Darenn Darkstone: Jeni si awefuly loyalk
[18:24]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up to the barrel of her gun
[18:24]  Jeni Trefusis cries out in pain as she hits her shins, gritting her teeth as she stands her ground

[18:24]  Angelique Mertel is Online
[18:24]  Darenn Darkstone kicks at the boy's face while he is down
[18:24]  Black Hotaling is Online
[18:24]  Meriwether Runningbear gets to his knees...*coughing*
[18:24]  EllieJo Merryman tries to look around to see if anyone is dead

~wow, missing big chunk here. let me go see if i can find it~

(I found part of it. Basically, mah rushes out onto the balcony after she manages to free herself and deck jeni right across the jaw ~oh that was fun~, she screams to DJ who then knows she is alright and begins fighting back to Darenn....while Ron's place goes up in flames with all of the ladies up top. Someone ~god knows who~ opens fire and shoots every blessed one of us)

[18:38]  EllieJo Merryman: oh is the place on fire?!!?
[18:38]  JF Kanto: damn leg
[18:38]  Kaytlyn Irling SCREAMS!
[18:38]  klumb Dagostino: Help
[18:38]  EllieJo Merryman screams
[18:38]  klumb Dagostino: quick
[18:38]  Kaytlyn Irling: help
[18:38]  Cameo Capalini: JF
[18:38]  Kaytlyn Irling: someone please help us
[18:38]  Dazar Perun yells to Meri "Get the ladys out Meri Im fine" he breaths
[18:38]  Darenn Darkstone grabs at a nearby lantern and tries to slam it across DJ's face
[18:38]  Kaytlyn Irling looks over and see LUcy..
[18:38]  EllieJo Merryman: I'm not going to die like this
[18:38]  JF Kanto: where id that bastard go
[18:38]  Latiku Littlething: Ah'm here!
[18:39]  Cameo Capalini: in here
[18:39]  Dazar Perun feels the hit as he stumbes back into the wall
[18:39]  Cameo Capalini: JF!
[18:39]  EllieJo Merryman: am I?
[18:39]  JF Kanto feeling a bit dizzy
[18:39]  Latiku Littlething: /munties her mother
[18:39]  JF Kanto: what?
[18:39]  Kaytlyn Irling feels the ropes fall off
[18:39]  HeZkeZl Demolition Trigger shouts: Detonation in : 10!
[18:39]  Deadwood 1.8: Mahaila Bertrand is now ready for surgery...
[18:39]  Kristina Hamaski: It's on fire; they're inside; they need medical help..
[18:39]  Kaytlyn Irling uses the wall to help her up
[18:39]  JF Kanto limps across the street
[18:39]  Mahaila Bertrand weakly looks up in a daze
[18:39]  Kaytlyn Irling: Lucy.. help me
[18:40]  klumb Dagostino: &@%*
[18:40]  EllieJo Merryman SCREAMS
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: JF
[18:40]  Kaytlyn Irling tries to work at her ropes
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: HELP!
[18:40]  klumb Dagostino: we have to jump
[18:40]  Mae Goldflake: *Cisco jumps
[18:40]  Dazar Perun feels the blast throw him back further into the firey room
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah and Maddie are up here wounded
[18:40]  Kaytlyn Irling gets the ropes off
[18:40]  JF Kanto: damn Meri
[18:40]  Cameo Capalini: We cant get in
[18:40]  Mae Goldflake: easy boy *murmurs
[18:40]  Latiku Littlething grabs her mother and helps her untiue the other hostage
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: Klumb!
[18:40]  Kaytlyn Irling: come on miss. we need to get outof her quck
[18:40]  EllieJo Merryman: help me someone
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: get those women out here
[18:40]  Kristina Hamaski: Bomb!?
[18:40]  Cameo Capalini: JF
[18:40]  klumb Dagostino: how?
[18:40]  Cameo Capalini: boost me up
[18:40]  Salissa Wilder: yes
[18:40]  klumb Dagostino: for goddess sake
[18:40]  Meriwether Runningbear: Klumb go inside and get those girls out here
[18:40]  Latiku Littlething: Are you hurt miss?
[18:40]  Jeni Trefusis tears roll down her cheeks, grateful of the darkness that comes rolling in
[18:41]  Cameo Capalini: Lift me up someone
[18:41]  Dazar Perun looks around the flames as he wafts the smoke "Darkstone!"
[18:41]  Meriwether Runningbear beats his coat on the flames
[18:41]  Claytanic Kungler holds his hands out for Cameo to stand on
[18:41]  EllieJo Merryman: *sobs and looks at the fire
[18:41]  Darenn Darkstone slowlt stands
[18:41]  EllieJo Merryman screams again
[18:41]  Latiku Littlething: Wre'll have to jump down...
[18:41]  Cameo Capalini jumps on and grabs a ledge
[18:41]  Claytanic Kungler pushes Cameo up
[18:41]  Cameo Capalini: missed
[18:41]  Meriwether Runningbear: SOmebody get me a ladder!
[18:41]  EllieJo Merryman: that way?
[18:41]  Tsavo Richardson is Online
[18:41]  klumb Dagostino: let's get outta here
[18:41]  Darenn Darkstone: Looks like we're both dead
[18:41]  klumb Dagostino: jump off
[18:41]  Claytanic Kungler puts his hands out again
[18:41]  EllieJo Merryman points to the door
[18:41]  Cameo Capalini: Once more
[18:41]  Jeni Trefusis comes to, putting her hand to the wound on her shoulder as she cries out in pain
[18:41]  Meriwether Runningbear bends down over Mah...Mah, Mah...
[18:41]  Dazar Perun runs forward trying to tackle him in the back of the burning building "Im going to have the plesure of waching the air escape your mouth"
[18:41]  Claytanic Kungler puts his hands out ready to lift.
[18:42]  Failed to place object at specified location.  Please try again.
[18:42]  Latiku Littlething: other way
[18:42]  Jeni Trefusis struggles to her feet, looking around panicked for Darenn as she hears the fire
[18:42]  Mahaila Bertrand looks up into his eyes as if not really seeing him
[18:42]  Jeni Trefusis: DARENN!!
[18:42]  Meriwether Runningbear: MAh
[18:42]  Mahaila Bertrand groans a bit
[18:42]  Darenn Darkstone grabs the boy's arm as he charges and twists hit hard hearing the breaking of bones
[18:42]  Cameo Capalini: Wheres JF?
[18:43]  Jeni Trefusis looks back at the fire with wide eyes then across at the Bella balcony

~another missing chunk~
[18:47]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie
[18:47]  Meriwether Runningbear puts his arm around Mah and helps her up
[18:47]  Dazar Perun jumps through the window as he lands on the ground blood leaking from his body his mouth arms legs back shards of glass and wood through out as he lays int he snow turning it a crimson color he couphs a bit unable to move
[18:47]  Mahaila Bertrand grimaces as her wounded leg is moved
[18:48]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Mah...we can make it
[18:48]  I'm Gonna File My Claim: Done! Playing..  (180 secs) Click to stop.
[18:48]  EllieJo Merryman looks back tears streaming down her suity face "Get DJ out of there:
[18:48]  Diogenes Kuhr: Goddammit
[18:48]  Mahaila Bertrand shakes her head
[18:48]  Diogenes Kuhr: who's where is she Lucy?
[18:48]  You: no...leave me alone
[18:48]  EllieJo Merryman coughs
[18:48]  You: just go
[18:48]  You: please
[18:48]  I'm Gonna File My Claim: Stopping..
[18:48]  Meriwether Runningbear lifts her up...come on Mah this place is going up in smoke
[18:48]  Dazar Perun: [18:48] Dazar Perun jumps through the window as he lands on the ground blood leaking from his body his mouth arms legs back shards of glass and wood through out as he lays int he snow turning it a crimson color he couphs a bit unable to move
[18:48]  I'm Gonna File My Claim: (Psyke's Music Script) 10.0 sec buffering..
[18:48]  JF Kanto: go chekc Kate please
[18:48]  Mahaila Bertrand whimpers into Meri's chest as he lifts her
[18:49]  You: please, just let me die, just leave me
[18:49]  Meriwether Runningbear forcibly picks her up in his big arms...
[18:49]  Meriwether Runningbear: NO, ma'am, we are gettin you out of here
[18:49]  Black Hotaling is Offline
[18:49]  JF Kanto limps over watching helplessly
[18:49]  Madeline Kohnke coughs
[18:49]  Cameo Capalini holds his wounded arm
[18:49]  Meriwether Runningbear sets her over the rail onto the Bella Balcony
[18:49]  Mahaila Bertrand closes her eyes and buries her face in his chest, her tears wetting his shirt
[18:50]  Hawk Bachem: dio keep a eye on her please
[18:50]  Latiku Littlething: get her inside quickly. Ah think the stress has hurt the baby
[18:50]  Cameo Capalini: DARKSTONE!
[18:50]  JF Kanto bends down to check DJ
[18:50]  Meriwether Runningbear: it's gonna be ok mah
[18:50]  Hawk Bachem: mae
[18:50]  Black Hotaling is Online
[18:50]  I'm Gonna File My Claim: Done! Playing..  (180 secs) Click to stop.
[18:50]  JF Kanto: Damn
[18:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: katie, Lucy!
[18:50]  Mae Goldflake: Lucy, you ok, hon?
[18:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: get in sdie here
[18:50]  Mae Goldflake: Hawk
[18:50]  JF Kanto: this boy beeen thru a meat grinder
[18:50]  Hawk Bachem: help miss kate please mae
[18:50]  Kaytlyn Irling: but the fire
[18:50]  Pierce Reinard accepted your inventory offer.
[18:50]  Dazar Perun coughs a bit and breaths shallow "D..dead, he is dead" he smiles a bit and closes his eys falling into his own blood
[18:50]  Mae Goldflake: Kate, what?
[18:50]  Meriwether Runningbear: Somebody come up to the balcony of the Bella and help mah
[18:50]  EllieJo Merryman looks horror struck
[18:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: katie you need to set down
[18:50]  JF Kanto smiles
[18:50]  Kaytlyn Irling nods.
[18:50]  JF Kanto: Good job son...good job
[18:50]  Mae Goldflake: good lord, Kate
[18:50]  Cameo Capalini Don't move him
[18:50]  JF Kanto: DION
[18:50]  Mae Goldflake: is it time?
[18:50]  Kaytlyn Irling stops to lean on the chair as she feels another sharp pain
[18:51]  Black Hotaling is Offline
[18:51]  Diogenes Kuhr: sharp pain? what happened katie?
[18:51]  JF Kanto: Dion
[18:51]  Meriwether Runningbear picks Maddie up and sets her over the rail onto the Bella Balcony
[18:51]  Kaytlyn Irling shakes her head..
[18:51]  Kaytlyn Irling: no..
[18:51]  Kaytlyn Irling: it is too early
[18:51]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ!!
[18:51]  Cameo Capalini: GET A DOC HERE
[18:51]  Mae Goldflake: we need to get her to a room!
[18:51]  Madeline Kohnke whispers Meri...
[18:51]  Diogenes Kuhr: damn right it's too early Hon SIT THE HELL DOWN
[18:51]  JF Kanto: WE NEED A DOC
[18:51]  Dazar Perun: title red Glass, Wood and dabree in his body cut scraped and bleeding from mouth and body
[18:51]  Meriwether Runningbear: come n sweetie
[18:51]  Kaytlyn Irling: I was tied up, and laying on the floor.. and Jeni held a gun to my stomach..*Breaks down in sobs*
[18:51]  EllieJo Merryman: oh my god!
[18:51]  Meriwether Runningbear: We can do this
[18:51]  Black Hotaling is Online
[18:52]  Mae Goldflake: oh Kate!
[18:52]  EllieJo Merryman begins to sob wildly
[18:52]  JF Kanto checks DJ for injuries
[18:52]  Meriwether Runningbear lifts Maddie over the rail
[18:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: leans her shotgun against the chair and kneels next to Katie*
[18:52]  Dazar Perun couphs a bit more as he takes shallow breaths laying in the crimson snow bellow him his entire body wrecked
[18:52]  Madeline Kohnke trembles
[18:52]  JF Kanto: Take it easy DJ...
[18:52]  Mae Goldflake moves over a footstool....Here Kate, put your feet up
[18:52]  Cameo Capalini checks on the bullet wound to his arm
[18:52]  EllieJo Merryman looks at the sheriff "is he...?"
[18:52]  Cameo Capalini: no miss
[18:53]  Cameo Capalini frowns
[18:53]  Kaytlyn Irling looks at Dio.. Please say you can make it stop.. it is too early.. i don't want to lose the baby
[18:53]  SeaWay Brodsky is Offline
[18:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: how many months is it now hon?
[18:53]  Kaytlyn Irling tries to lift her legs
[18:53]  Mae Goldflake: dog...go outside
[18:53]  JF Kanto: looks like his arm is broke....lots of cuts and bruises
[18:53]  Latiku Littlething: Sher's not aving it now is she dio?

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[18:55]  Diogenes Kuhr: *smiels ina reassuring way, aw hell hon I seen some chillun come lots earlier an make it
[18:55]  Dazar Perun copuhs some as he trys to push him self up is able to ge to hi sknee as he falls back down to the snow
[18:55]  JF Kanto: DJ, can you hear me?
[18:55]  Kaytlyn Irling: about 10/15 min apart
[18:55]  EllieJo Merryman rubs her wrists
[18:55]  Meriwether Runningbear kneels down by Mah, takes a bandana and applies pressure to the wound in her leg
[18:55]  Madeline Kohnke falle down as she climbs the fence
[18:55]  Pelenghast Silverspar: What's going on?
[18:55]  JF Kanto looks at Jeni
[18:55]  Cameo Capalini: JENi!
[18:55]  JF Kanto: Cameo, take her inside the Bella for now
[18:55]  Mae Goldflake looks to Dio and whispers....Shouldn't we get her to lay down?
[18:55]  Mahaila Bertrand doesnt stir as her face becomes pale and cold
[18:55]  Kaytlyn Irling cries out as she sees Pel..
[18:56]  Kaytlyn Irling: oh..
[18:56]  JF Kanto: I dont want her goin anywhere
[18:56]  Cameo Capalini attempts to handcuf jeni
[18:56]  Meriwether Runningbear takes his coat off and wraps Mah in it
[18:56]  Jeni Trefusis: ((gonna relog, can barely move))
[18:56]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright Hon, answer me
[18:56]  Cameo Capalini: ((ok))
[18:56]  EllieJo Merryman looks at Jeni frightened then to the sheriff
[18:56]  Mae Goldflake: pardon, let me get this dog outta here
[18:56]  Jeni Trefusis is Offline
[18:56]  Diogenes Kuhr: ye got blood or yer water coming out yet?
[18:56]  JF Kanto: DJ, can you hear me son?
[18:56]  Mae Goldflake: dog, come
[18:56]  EllieJo Merryman backs away
[18:56]  Dazar Perun lifts up as blood drips from his mouth "He....." he couphs "Hel...help me up"
[18:56]  Hawk Bachem: ellie stay back
[18:56]  Mahaila Bertrand 's breathing slows, her waning thoughts going to ron
[18:56]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah...it's gonna be ok...
[18:56]  JF Kanto reaches down and lifts him to his feet
[18:57]  Hawk Bachem: you wanna hand there sheriff
[18:57]  Meriwether Runningbear: MISS SAL!... I need a doc up here bad
[18:57]  Dazar Perun Stands up leaning on JF his blood still runngin down his coat torn to shreds and he spits up another clot
[18:57]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah's shot
[18:57]  JF Kanto: Hawk...see if you can find a doc
[18:57]  Meriwether Runningbear: and so is Maddie
[18:57]  Kaytlyn Irling: no.. i don't think so. I feel wet, but then i was tied for a while, and we were on the floor
[18:57]  Salissa Wilder: I DONT SEE ONE
[18:57]  JF Kanto: DJ, lets get you tended to
[18:57]  EllieJo Merryman: DJ!! *Ellie screams as she sees for the now the shape he is in*
[18:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: goddammit
[18:57]  JF Kanto holding DJ, supporting him
[18:58]  Latiku Littlething: oh no....
[18:58]  EllieJo Merryman lets out a sob
[18:58]  Cameo Capalini hold on...
[18:58]  Dazar Perun looks to the sherff and he firsts words he says "THe ladys ok?"
[18:58]  Mahaila Bertrand 's hand falls limply to her side
[18:58]  Diogenes Kuhr: how far apart are thepains Hon?
[18:58]  Cameo Capalini looks at DJ
[18:58]  JF Kanto: Meri is with them now
[18:58]  Dazar Perun couphs as he spits up more blood he was weak and almost fell griping JF "Darkstone?"
[18:59]  Cameo Capalini dead
[18:59]  Kaytlyn Irling: i think 10 to 15 mins.. but then i don't think i have had one in a bit except when i first came in
[18:59]  JF Kanto: You got him...he didnnt come out of there
[18:59]  Cameo Capalini looks at DJ - Good job kid
[18:59]  Hawk Bachem: maddie are you ok
[18:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright Hon you jus rest
[18:59]  Meriwether Runningbear turns to Maddie...
[18:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: if ye feel anythin happen you let me know
[18:59]  JF Kanto: He aint no kid Cameo
[18:59]  JF Kanto: not anymore
[18:59]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damn it Hawk, go find us a doc!
[18:59]  Jeni Trefusis is Online
[18:59]  Cameo Capalini nods
[18:59]  Dazar Perun looks over as blood stained hair over his eye he spits some bloody spit at the wood "Got him dad, got him Ron"
[18:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm gonna make some willow rot tea...I need some supplies
[18:59]  Hawk Bachem: ive tried looking
[18:59]  Kaytlyn Irling looks up at her husband and starts to sob again
[18:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: LUCY
[19:00]  Meriwether Runningbear: Where is DIO?
[19:00]  Kaytlyn Irling nods at Dio
[19:00]  Hawk Bachem: she tendinhg to miss kate
[19:00]  JF Kanto: Come on Ron, lets get you to the infirmary
[19:00]  Pelenghast Silverspar sits next to kate and puts an arm around her.
[19:00]  Hawk Bachem: think its the baby
[19:00]  Dazar Perun: ((hehe you called me Ron))
[19:00]  Diogenes Kuhr: put the kettle on over to the fireplace an set to heatin some water up
[19:00]  Latiku Littlething: What do Ah do?
[19:00]  Mae Goldflake: dog, sit!
[19:00]  JF Kanto: (9i did?))
[19:00]  Latiku Littlething: 'k
[19:00]  Meriwether Runningbear checks the wound in Maddies chest...
[19:00]  Jeni Trefusis puts her hand to DJs face, eyeing his injuries sorrowfully
[19:00]  Jeni Trefusis: I'm so sorry
[19:00]  Kaytlyn Irling cries into his shoulder.. oh it was so awfull. Jeni, the gun.. being tied up..
[19:00]  Latiku Littlething starts boiling water
[19:00]  Diogenes Kuhr: pel jus set with her an if'n she has any more pains make note o when they er comin, allright?
[19:00]  EllieJo Merryman looks at DJ "are... are.. you going to be ok?"
[19:01]  Cameo Capalini: Sorry doesnt cut it this time jeni
[19:01]  JF Kanto: come on DJ
[19:01]  Pelenghast Silverspar: alright
[19:01]  Meriwether Runningbear: takes his shirt off and uses it for bandages
[19:01]  Kaytlyn Irling sobs.. she held the gun to my tummy and she hurt Miss Mah
[19:01]  JF Kanto looks at Elliejo
[19:01]  Dazar Perun staggers holding on to JF as he loooks over seeing Jeni and then looks to Elliejo "Ill. be allright" He says weakly
[19:01]  Madeline Kohnke holds on to Meri
[19:01]  Jeni Trefusis lowers her head, sobbing
[19:01]  Hawk Bachem: meri will jeni hang for this
[19:01]  JF Kanto: come on son...you need lookin after
[19:01]  Jeni Trefusis: so is he dead? Is Darenn dead?
[19:01]  Cameo Capalini: JF what do i do with jeni
[19:01]  Diogenes Kuhr: *picks up her shtogun and sets her jaw* Pel I'm going to get some medical things an some medicines, I'll be back as soon as I kin
[19:01]  Meriwether Runningbear: i'm not thinking about that now hawk
[19:01]  JF Kanto: keep her in the Bella
[19:01]  Hawk Bachem: hows mah
[19:01]  Dazar Perun turns as he waits for JF to lead him on
[19:02]  Meriwether Runningbear: go get me some sheets or something for bandages man
[19:02]  Cameo Capalini: ((ao off jeni))
[19:02]  JF Kanto: we aint got a jail no more
[19:02]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Alright, I'll stay here with them
[19:02]  Kaytlyn Irling cries softly into his jacket
[19:02]  JF Kanto: come on DJ
[19:02]  Diogenes Kuhr: Pel
[19:02]  Pelenghast Silverspar: is she going to be alright?
[19:02]  Diogenes Kuhr: you got a gun, just in case?
[19:02]  JF Kanto leading him down the street
[19:02]  Cameo Capalini attempts to handcuf jeni
[19:02]  Dazar Perun leans on him as he dose a semi walk drag with him
[19:02]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head tearfully "I'm so sorry DJ"
[19:02]  EllieJo Merryman walks back to the Hotel limping
[19:02]  Kaytlyn Irling looks up in a thought.. Lucy?
[19:02]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah...Mah...can you hear me...
[19:02]  Jeni Trefusis offers no resistance as the cuffs are put on
[19:02]  Cameo Capalini: Too the bella with you
[19:02]  Pelenghast Silverspar: The winchester is still behind the bar, Can you fetch it for me Lucy?
[19:02]  Latiku Littlething: Yes mama?
[19:02]  Cameo Capalini: you can wait for JF therte
[19:02]  Madeline Kohnke cries from the pain
[19:02]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damn it hawk, Do what i'm telling you man
[19:02]  Kaytlyn Irling: Oh.. *sees her not far from her*
[19:02]  Latiku Littlething: ok
[19:02]  Diogenes Kuhr: good
[19:02]  Meriwether Runningbear: go find some bandage material
[19:02]  Kaytlyn Irling: oh.. i was worried.. are you hurt.. did you get hurt?
[19:03]  Jeni Trefusis nods slightly as she looks around blankly, her heart sinks at the thought of Darenn dead
[19:03]  Mahaila Bertrand lips part as a rattled breath escapes.......followed by almost imperceptible ones remaining
[19:03]  Latiku Littlething tosses him the shotgun. "ain't 'eld a winny for a long time."
[19:03]  Hawk Bachem: there some in my room meri
[19:03]  Diogenes Kuhr: be back in two shakes o the divil's cock
[19:03]  Hawk Bachem: be back
[19:03]  Meriwether Runningbear ties a sleeve of his shirt around Mah's leg
[19:03]  Meriwether Runningbear: DIO
[19:03]  Cameo Capalini: Jeni
[19:03]  Kaytlyn Irling looks up at Pel.. Mah?? have you heard anything on her
[19:03]  Jeni Trefusis looks wide eyed at the crowded room
[19:03]  Latiku Littlething: Ah'm gonna start treatin' wounded here
[19:03]  Meriwether Runningbear: GEt up here please!
[19:03]  Jeni Trefusis: Are you sure we gotta wait in here Cameo?
[19:03]  Jeni Trefusis: They'll tear me apart
[19:04]  Meriwether Runningbear put pressure on the wound in Maddie's chest
[19:04]  Cameo Capalini: no they wont
[19:04]  Cameo Capalini: upstairs
[19:04]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I jyust came ehre as soon as I could
[19:04]  Mae Goldflake glares at Jeni
[19:04]  Hawk Bachem rips his shirt sleeves and tend to mah
[19:04]  Meriwether Runningbear: Stay with me Maddie
[19:04]  Jeni Trefusis whimpers as her tears stink her bruised and cut skin from Darenns beating earlier
[19:04]  Jeni Trefusis: *sting
[19:04]  Cameo Capalini: Up stairs please *saddness in his eye*
[19:04]  Madeline Kohnke: I will Meri...
[19:05]  Kaytlyn Irling: Oh.. dear.. you think the baby will be okay..
[19:05]  Jeni Trefusis lowers her head as she walks slowly into the room, her feet dragging as she continues to sob
[19:05]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damn it all
[19:05]  Hawk Bachem starts to wipe the blood
[19:05]  Kaytlyn Irling holds on to her stomach as she feels another sharp pain..
[19:05]  Mae Goldflake: *dog growls
[19:05]  Kaytlyn Irling gaspts
[19:05]  Pelenghast Silverspar places a hand on her tummy, "I can still feel it moving."
[19:05]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah, talk to me Mah
[19:05]  Jeni Trefusis looks across at Kate and stops walking
[19:05]  Latiku Littlething: al right. Ah need wounded here
[19:05]  Hawk Bachem: mah can you hear us
[19:05]  Jeni Trefusis: I never woulda hurt the baby Kate
[19:05]  Kaytlyn Irling looks at him worried
[19:05]  Jeni Trefusis: He said he'd kill you and the baby if I didnt help
[19:05]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie, just lay still hon
[19:06]  Cameo Capalini drags jeni into the room
[19:06]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head tearfully
[19:06]  Kaytlyn Irling looks up as she sees Jeni
[19:06]  Jeni Trefusis: I didnt have any choice
[19:06]  Mahaila Bertrand willingly lets go, inwardly turning away from the voices
[19:06]  Meriwether Runningbear shouts: DIO


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(there is just too much to clean up right now, i'll mod this post and clean later)

[19:06]  Cameo Capalini: Save it for court
[19:06]  Cameo Capalini: In the room jeni
[19:06]  Latiku Littlething: cameo. this's a triagecentre not a bloody jail.
[19:06]  JF Kanto: damn it
[19:06]  Jeni Trefusis nods slightly, her body shaking from the sobs
[19:06]  Latiku Littlething: Ah'll treat jeni but no shootin'
[19:06]  Kaytlyn Irling starts to feel angry as she see Jeni
[19:06]  Hawk Bachem: meri if you wanna check on things ill look after theses two
[19:06]  Cameo Capalini: Well ass you can see we have no jail
[19:06]  JF Kanto: wheres Meri?
[19:07]  Latiku Littlething: you shot sheriff?
[19:07]  JF Kanto grimaces
[19:07]  Salissa Wilder: what is this mess
[19:07]  JF Kanto: ill be ok Lucy
[19:07]  Diogenes Kuhr: sets down her shotgun*
[19:07]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Where's Mah?
[19:07]  Mae Goldflake: Cookie, you ok?
[19:07]  Latiku Littlething: get that jacket off an' sit down
[19:07]  Diogenes Kuhr: frowns as she begins unpacking her medical supplies*
[19:07]  Hawk Bachem: i think i hear them calling you meri
[19:07]  JF Kanto leans against the post for a second
[19:07]  Meriwether Runningbear: uhh what?
[19:07]  JF Kanto: Sal, where is Meri?
[19:07]  Hawk Bachem: go your needed
[19:07]  Meriwether Runningbear: Meri looks up...
[19:07]  Diogenes Kuhr: Lucy you got water on to boil yet?
[19:07]  Mahaila Bertrand lies unmoving and pale, her pulse slowed , no will to fight left within her
[19:07]  Meriwether Runningbear: SAL on the balcony
[19:08]  Salissa Wilder: How would I know
[19:08]  Latiku Littlething: Yup. Ah'll fetch it1
[19:08]  Mae Goldflake wants to go inside and help, but keeps dog outside...frustrated
[19:08]  Salissa Wilder: I have no idea what is going on
[19:08]  Jeni Trefusis falls to the floor dizzily as her blood continues to soak through her dress
[19:08]  Latiku Littlething brings a teakettle for Dio
[19:08]  Meriwether Runningbear: Hawk go get DIo please!
[19:08]  JF Kanto limps up the stairs
[19:08]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright Lucy put some in a cup an put this willow bark in it to steep
[19:08]  Hawk Bachem: i heard kanto calling you meri
[19:08]  Cameo Capalini attempts to take the knife
[19:08]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah is gonna Die, HAWK GO
[19:08]  Latiku Littlething nods and does as instructed
[19:08]  Meriwether Runningbear: JF
[19:08]  Cameo Capalini: Well you did it this time
[19:09]  Diogenes Kuhr: that'll help her pain*hands Lucy a vial with brown powder*
[19:09]  Kaytlyn Irling starts to relax next to pel
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis leans over, hanging her head as the knife is taken
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis: I had no choice...
[19:09]  JF Kanto: Meri?
[19:09]  Pelenghast Silverspar lookws worridly at Kate holding her shoulders.
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis: he was gonna kill Kate and the baby
[19:09]  Meriwether Runningbear: JF GET A DOC UP HERE!]
[19:09]  Hawk Bachem: jf
[19:09]  Raider Runo: madam , it seems that u have lost control of ur establishment
[19:09]  JF Kanto limps over to him
[19:09]  Hawk Bachem: mah is in bad way
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head tearfully
[19:09]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah and Maddie are real bad
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis: I had no choice
[19:09]  Cameo Capalini: Do you realise what you have done?
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis: I never woulda hurt them Cameo, honestly
[19:09]  Hawk Bachem: can someone get dio please mah is in bad way
[19:09]  Latiku Littlething: Dio where's Mary. Mah's wounded, Jeni's wounded and Mr kanto and Dazar are wounded
[19:09]  Diogenes Kuhr: *pulls out a small green bottle and carefully purs some into a big pewter spoon*
[19:09]  Jeni Trefusis looks up at him, her eyes swollen with tears "I never woulda hurt them.."
[19:09]  Kaytlyn Irling looks at dio.. can you find out about mah?
[19:10]  Kaytlyn Irling: she was badly hurt
[19:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: Hon, now this elxir is wolf's bane an beef extract
[19:10]  Meriwether Runningbear shouts: DIO
[19:10]  Jeni Trefusis: Is he dead? Is Darenn dead?
[19:10]  Cameo Capalini: That will be for the judge to decide
[19:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: It'll help with healin fromthee inside
[19:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: *ol injun remedy
[19:10]  Cameo Capalini nods "he is "
[19:10]  Hawk Bachem shouts down Dio your needed up stairs
[19:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: *mutters* and if'n it werent no goddam good, they wouldn't be no old injuns would there?
[19:10]  Kaytlyn Irling wrinkles her nose at the smell.. *doubt anything that smells that bad will help*
[19:10]  Meriwether Runningbear puts another piece of shirt on Maddie's chest wound
[19:10]  Latiku Littlething: Dio. that'll be from Mah
[19:10]  Cameo Capalini: Along with men
[19:10]  Raider Runo: when i gain control of this camp the drunks the malcontents and the malingerers shall be run out of here
[19:10]  Jeni Trefusis wails painfully, doubling over she rests her head on her knees, sobbing violently
[19:11]  Diogenes Kuhr: any more pains pel
[19:11]  JF Kanto is Offline
[19:11]  Diogenes Kuhr: she gettin more contractions?
[19:11]  Hawk Bachem: whats gonna happen to her cameo
[19:11]  Jeni Trefusis: he cant be dead..he cant be dead..
[19:11]  Madeline Kohnke shakes out of pain
[19:11]  Raider Runo: including urself sir
[19:11]  Kaytlyn Irling: I only had one more while you were gone..
[19:11]  Cameo Capalini: Well i can well in truely say hes past her sal by date
[19:11]  Jeni Trefusis hugs her knees to her chest, ignoring the pain spreading through her body like poison
[19:11]  Kaytlyn Irling: but it was about 20 min
[19:11]  Cameo Capalini: In other words jail
[19:11]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright hat's good
[19:11]  Cameo Capalini: a trail
[19:12]  Jeni Trefusis: they'll hang me for this Hawk..
[19:12]  Dazar Perun stumbles along grabbing the poles as he walks spitting up more blood he wasent about to lay down it was his Perun stubborness as he crawled along couphing
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: as soon as Lucy has that tea nice an ready you drink some o that
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: it'll be good fer yer pain
[19:12]  Hawk Bachem: jeni why you do this why
[19:12]  Latiku Littlething: We need to treat the others Dio...
[19:12]  Kaytlyn Irling: So you don't think the baby will come
[19:12]  Cameo Capalini: Hawk who is shooting?
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: Pel main thing is you jus keep gher calm
[19:12]  Latiku Littlething presents the tea to Kate
[19:12]  Cameo Capalini: Find out
[19:12]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I will
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: keep her settled down
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright?
[19:12]  Jeni Trefusis: He was gonna kill Kate and the baby Hawk
[19:12]  Jeni Trefusis: What was I meant to do?
[19:12]  Alezandra Graves breathes heavily placing her hands on her thighs.,bent over
[19:12]  Kaytlyn Irling listens and shakes her head in understanding
[19:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: I am gonna go see about mah real quick
[19:12]  Alezandra Graves: trying to catch her breath
[19:12]  Jeni Trefusis: I never woulda hurt them.. I never woulda...
[19:12]  Meriwether Runningbear looks at Mah and notices a lot of blood still oozing on the boards under her
[19:12]  Hawk Bachem: oh jeni
[19:13]  Meriwether Runningbear turns her over to check
[19:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: Katie, Hon *peers over her glasses* you trust me don' you?
[19:13]  Raider Runo: quite a provacative picture indeed
[19:13]  Hawk Bachem: why did,nt you come to me
[19:13]  Dazar Perun forces his way in the bella as he spits a bit "How is everyone" he forces out hardly able to stand as he jumps forward leaning on the chair
[19:13]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damn it ...
[19:13]  Alezandra Graves looks up to see the man in black and frowns
[19:13]  Raider Runo: provocative as well
[19:13]  Hawk Bachem: you knows how much i care about you
[19:13]  Kaytlyn Irling takes the cup from Lucy.. offering a small smile
[19:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: cuz I'll be back
[19:13]  Alezandra Graves: Why don't you shut that filthy trapt of yours
[19:13]  Kaytlyn Irling: Yes Miss Dio
[19:13]  Meriwether Runningbear notices another bullet wound at Mah's waist
[19:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: an we'll take good care of ye
[19:13]  JF Kanto is Online
[19:13]  Latiku Littlething: Jeni's real hurt too. and DJ... MY GOD YOU'RE A MESS!
[19:13]  Jeni Trefusis continues sobbing, doubling over in pain
[19:13]  Raider Runo: insolence !!
[19:13]  Alezandra Graves narrows her eyes
[19:13]  Hawk Bachem: cameo may i tend to her wounds please
[19:13]  Meriwether Runningbear: JF Mah's got another wound her... i just found it...
[19:14]  Dazar Perun spits out more blood as he leans on the chair his left arm limp "Were is my aunt"
[19:14]  Meriwether Runningbear: give me your shirt man
[19:14]  Pelenghast Silverspar looks over at DJ
[19:14]  Meriwether Runningbear: i'm all out of stuff to make bandages with
[19:14]  Raider Runo grabs the woman and pulls her close to him
[19:14]  Diogenes Kuhr: right Lucy, you's m' nurse here. look after yer ma an make sure she drinks that willow bark tea
[19:14]  Cameo Capalini: not right now as far as i can see she has afew stratches
[19:14]  Latiku Littlething: We're just going to go take care of her. Dio and Ah
[19:14]  JF Kanto looks down at Mah
[19:14]  Meriwether Runningbear rips mah's petticoat
[19:14]  Cameo Capalini: JF would like me to hold her here
[19:14]  Kaytlyn Irling sips at the tea.. making faces at the horrible taste
[19:14]  Latiku Littlething: Ah gotta 'elp wi' everyone else.
[19:14]  Raider Runo: u have never had a man the likes of myself
[19:14]  Latiku Littlething: There's a lott injured
[19:14]  Jeni Trefusis rolls over onto the floor, praying for darkness to take over as she lies there helplessly
[19:14]  Meriwether Runningbear applies pressure to the wound on her back
[19:14]  Kaytlyn Irling whispers to pel.. how can this stuff help
[19:14]  JF Kanto reaches down to hold Mah
[19:14]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on JF Do something man
[19:14]  Hawk Bachem: let me put cloth on her scatches then
[19:14]  Kaytlyn Irling: Lucy..
[19:15]  Meriwether Runningbear: Where the hell is DIo?
[19:15]  Cameo Capalini nods
[19:15]  JF Kanto: ((lagg))
[19:15]  Kaytlyn Irling: why don't you see ifyou can help Dio
[19:15]  Alezandra Graves struggles to releases herself from his grip, "Let go of me pig!"
[19:15]  Raider Runo pushes the wench away
[19:15]  Cameo Capalini: Do as you wish "wont solve anything"
[19:15]  Dazar Perun yells out with as much force as he cringes a bit at the pain "Were is my goddamn aunt!" he choks a bit couphing spitting out a blood clot
[19:15]  Diogenes Kuhr: Meri, I'm coming
[19:15]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie...how are ya doin'?
[19:15]  Alezandra Graves hawks up as much saliva as possible and spits his way as she stumbled back
[19:15]  Raider Runo: one of my men is coming to town
[19:15]  Pelenghast Silverspar holds Kate tight.
[19:15]  Salissa Wilder: cookie ill see you later, im going out
[19:15]  Alezandra Graves: stumbles*
[19:15]  JF Kanto looks over at Maddie
[19:15]  Hawk Bachem: mah on balcony dio
[19:15]  Kaytlyn Irling: you didn't get hurt Pel?
[19:15]  JF Kanto: How is she Meri?
[19:15]  CookieDoe Silvansky looks up, distractedly., "Oh..alright Mis Sal.
[19:15]  Hawk Bachem: she in bad way
[19:15]  Zoe Demar is Offline
[19:15]  Raider Runo: he happens to be attracted to girls of ur caste
[19:15]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I was in the crown feeling as helpless as everyone else.
[19:15]  Meriwether Runningbear puts more pressure on the still bleeding chest wound
[19:16]  Hawk Bachem: lucy come awy darling
[19:16]  Mahaila Bertrand lies unresponsive to all attentions given to her, not even reacting to pressure on her wounds
[19:16]  Pelenghast Silverspar: *crowd
[19:16]  Meriwether Runningbear: She's got a bad hole in her chest her JF
[19:16]  Latiku Littlething: no! Ah'm kinda a doctor... Gotta save jeni.
[19:16]  Meriwether Runningbear: DIo! thank God
[19:16]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I'm glad you're safe
[19:16]  Alezandra Graves frowns, "I have a man..i don't need a a vile pig similar to yourself."
[19:16]  Black Hotaling is Offline
[19:16]  Cameo Capalini: Please go down stairs young one
[19:16]  Jeni Trefusis looks blankly at the floor, tears blurring her vision as she hopes her injuries to be fatal
[19:16]  Latiku Littlething: We're gonna have a trail an' all
[19:16]  JF Kanto taking a kerchief and placing it over the wound
[19:16]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah has a wound in her leg and one on her back here at her waist
[19:16]  Raider Runo: u had better watch out for him, he is a cold blooded texas man who fears no one but me
[19:16]  Kaytlyn Irling wipes away the last of her tears..
[19:16]  Cameo Capalini: Hawk is seeing too her
[19:16]  Alezandra Graves: I won't fear him
[19:16]  Madeline Kohnke tries to stand again
[19:16]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie has a chest wound here on her right side
[19:16]  Kaytlyn Irling: I was so worried that i would not get to see you or lucy again
[19:17]  Dazar Perun climbs his was to the stairs as he he hears voice a steady trail of blood leaking behind him as he holds up his busted arm dragging his right leg "Mah"
[19:17]  Diogenes Kuhr: sonofagoddammbitch
[19:17]  Hawk Bachem rips his shirt and starts to wipe blood on jeni
[19:17]  JF Kanto trying to stem the blood
[19:17]  Black Hotaling is Online
[19:17]  Raider Runo: we shall see
[19:17]  Alezandra Graves: and i won't run from him neither
[19:17]  Latiku Littlething kneels down. "Jeni? can you answer me?"
[19:17]  Raider Runo: we shall see
[19:17]  Diogenes Kuhr: Meri I nd a goddam boat load o clean cloth stips
[19:17]  Diogenes Kuhr: and whiskey
[19:17]  Madeline Kohnke: oh I'm dizzy Meri
[19:17]  Alezandra Graves: he can't hurt me..unless he's into shootin innocent women
[19:17]  Cameo Capalini: Go down stairs lucy
[19:17]  LeeLu Anatine is Online
[19:17]  Alezandra Graves: and what kind of man is that..
[19:17]  Latiku Littlething: NO!
[19:17]  JF Kanto: stay still Maddie
[19:17]  Raider Runo turns a cold shoulder to the wench and proceeds to walk away
[19:17]  Cameo Capalini: please
[19:17]  Meriwether Runningbear: Stay down Maddie
[19:17]  Meriwether Runningbear: you don't need to move sweetie
[19:17]  Jeni Trefusis cries, buring her face in her hands
[19:17]  Birdie Fairymeadow is Offline
[19:17]  Diogenes Kuhr: holy christ an all his hronblowin angels mah
[19:17]  Thick Kelley is Offline
[19:17]  Diogenes Kuhr: don't leave
[19:18]  Dazar Perun leans ont he railing looking up seeing Jeni "She. allright" he spits more blood up the steady trail behind him as it leaks to the floor in a puddle under him
[19:18]  Kaytlyn Irling hears lucy yell.. Pel, go help lucy.. have them know she is helping Dio.. please
[19:18]  Hawk Bachem: this may hurt jeni as i tighteen the shirt
[19:18]  Latiku Littlething: Jeni? Ah want you to give me consent to operate... It's purely optional. i' ya wanna die Ah'll go
[19:18]  Pelenghast Silverspar strokes her cheek softly
[19:18]  Meriwether Runningbear takes more petticoat cloth and presses it to Mah's back
[19:18]  Jeni Trefusis lifts her head, looking around
[19:18]  Jeni Trefusis: I'm so sorry DJ...
[19:18]  Cameo Capalini: she wont die
[19:18]  Sand Rau: hey yall..hows mah doin?
[19:18]  Jeni Trefusis: ...I didn't have any choice..
[19:18]  Cameo Capalini: she has stratches is all
[19:18]  Latiku Littlething: She might... it's pretty bad
[19:18]  Pelenghast Silverspar: let others take care of her, you need me
[19:18]  Kaytlyn Irling finishes off the last of the tea..
[19:18]  Katie Kellner is Online
[19:18]  Thick Kelley is Online
[19:18]  JF Kanto applying pressure to the wound at Mahs back
[19:18]  Meriwether Runningbear strokes Mah's hair...Mah...stay with me Mah
[19:18]  Tsavo Richardson is Offline
[19:19]  Jeni Trefusis eyes his injuries as she fresh tears stream down her face "..I'm so sorry..."
[19:19]  Dazar Perun looks down at her his one eye swollen shut and cacked in blood "Save her....." he almost falls over the railing as he catches him self
[19:19]  Kaytlyn Irling makes an awful face. Maybe I should have had the baby.. might have been better. ugh
[19:19]  Cameo Capalini: Save it jeni
[19:19]  Latiku Littlething: scratches? ya think? that looks more like she's in shock!
[19:19]  JF Kanto: Maddie, you stay with us....
[19:19]  Cameo Capalini: She will be fine DJ
[19:19]  JF Kanto looks into Meris eyes
[19:19]  Jeni Trefusis cries out as he stumbles
[19:19]  Hawk Bachem puts hisc oat over jeni to keep her warm
[19:19]  Jeni Trefusis: someone help him
[19:19]  Meriwether Runningbear: Damnit JF is that Bastard Darkstone Dead?
[19:19]  Pelenghast Silverspar: There will be time enough for the baby, just think of the story we can tell it.
[19:20]  Latiku Littlething: help who jeni?
[19:20]  JF Kanto nods
[19:20]  Cameo Capalini holds DJ up
[19:20]  JF Kanto: DJ got him
[19:20]  Mae Goldflake: Kate, you doin ok?
[19:20]  Jeni Trefusis keeps her eyes on DJ, her body shaking as she sobs
[19:20]  Kaytlyn Irling offers a small smile at the thought of the future
[19:20]  Madeline Kohnke falls down to the floor
[19:20]  Diogenes Kuhr: don't give up mah. *chokes back the tears* don' give up mah, goddammit
[19:20]  Meriwether Runningbear: I've never put more lead in any target in my life
[19:20]  Tsavo Richardson is Online
[19:20]  Dazar Perun leans on him as he looks around "Were is my Aunt" he says meakly the blood still gathering on the floor underhim
[19:20]  Kaytlyn Irling nods a yes
[19:20]  Mahaila Bertrand 's temperature drops lower still as her breathing in barely detectable
[19:20]  JF Kanto: nor I
[19:20]  Latiku Littlething: Dj'll be fine... Ah'll patch him up as soon as you're ok...
[19:20]  Cameo Capalini helps DJ to the balcony
[19:20]  Hawk Bachem: shes on balcony dj
[19:20]  Diogenes Kuhr: Meri I need some whsikey here
[19:20]  Mae Goldflake sighs with relief
[19:20]  Diogenes Kuhr: and I need
[19:20]  JF Kanto watching Mah closely
[19:20]  Hawk Bachem: shes in bad way dj
[19:20]  Diogenes Kuhr: I need a red hot poker fromthe fire
[19:20]  Kaytlyn Irling: I am now. the pains are slowing down
[19:21]  You: is*
[19:21]  Meriwether Runningbear lays down next to Mah and wraps his arms around her
[19:21]  Mae Goldflake: just checkin

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« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2008, 11:39:03 PM »

[19:21]  Kaytlyn Irling: but i am worry about Mah..
[19:21]  Diogenes Kuhr: I got my tools tho
[19:21]  Hawk Bachem: Jeni can you hear me
[19:21]  Kaytlyn Irling: they cut her hair, beat her, and ripped her dress
[19:21]  Mae Goldflake: oh, good new, Kate..you just rest easy
[19:21]  John Galland is Online
[19:21]  JF Kanto: Maddie? can you hear me?
[19:21]  Cameo Capalini shouts keep those handcufs on her Hawkl
[19:21]  Diogenes Kuhr: *truns Mah on her side, and looks at the wound at her waist*
[19:21]  Meriwether Runningbear tries to cover her with his body
[19:21]  Hawk Bachem rubs his hand on her head
[19:21]  Dazar Perun drags him self cluching Cameo and the wall as he walks twords them "Au..Aunt mah" he takes a breath "She allright!"
[19:21]  Hawk Bachem: jeni talk to me
[19:21]  Madeline Kohnke whispers: yes JF
[19:21]  Jeni Trefusis lowers her head, closing her eyes as she wraps her arms round herself
[19:21]  Diogenes Kuhr: damn meri,
[19:22]  Diogenes Kuhr: bullet went clean through her
[19:22]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Mah...Damnit Mah don't you leave us!
[19:22]  Diogenes Kuhr: but the one in her leg is still there
[19:22]  JF Kanto: just lay still there...alright? one of us will be with you in a second
[19:22]  Latiku Littlething looks over Jeni and wraps most of the scratches in bandage. "Why? Why did you do this? It's just stupidity?"
[19:22]  Kaytlyn Irling lays her head on Pel shoulder and starts to feel sleepy
[19:22]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I love you
[19:22]  Diogenes Kuhr: somebody better get me GODDAM RED HOT FIRE IRON PRONTO
[19:22]  Hawk Bachem: why wont she talk to me lucy
[19:22]  JF Kanto look of deep concern on his face as he looks at Mah
[19:22]  Dazar Perun his eyes go wide as the shock from the pain and the thought of loseing everyone in his family hits him as he breaks down some "I cant lose everyone" he spits up more blood leaning on the wall
[19:22]  Cameo Capalini: Oh no MADDIE!
[19:22]  Meriwether Runningbear: CAMEO
[19:22]  JF Kanto: Cameo go get a poker
[19:22]  Kaytlyn Irling smiles at him.. I love you.. I am glad your here
[19:22]  Meriwether Runningbear: Go get a poker for Dio, NOW!
[19:22]  Jeni Trefusis breathes heavily, trying to control her sobs "...he gave me no choice Lucy... I never woulda hurt your Ma.."
[19:23]  JF Kanto: make sure it red hot
[19:23]  Jeni Trefusis: you gotta believe me on that
[19:23]  Mahaila Bertrand 's head hangs like a rag doll as they move her
[19:23]  JF Kanto: GO
[19:23]  Meriwether Runningbear: Hurry up
[19:23]  Latiku Littlething: She needs to rest now... Ah've patched up the cuts and stopped the bleeding
[19:23]  Cameo Capalini: ((iam lagging take me ages))
[19:23]  Diogenes Kuhr: WHISKEY TOO
[19:23]  Madeline Kohnke looks up at cameo
[19:23]  Meriwether Runningbear: ((just do it))
[19:23]  JF Kanto holding the cloth to Mahs wound
[19:23]  Meriwether Runningbear snuggles closer around Mah
[19:23]  Diogenes Kuhr: JF keep puttin pressure right there *points to the spot above the hole*
[19:23]  Latiku Littlething: Ah got some whisky Dio but your oker's gone cold
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: she's got a enry wound and big fuckin exit hole
[19:24]  Kaytlyn Irling snuggles closer as she dozes..
[19:24]  Pelenghast Silverspar runs his fingers ythrough her hair starting to relax himself.
[19:24]  Cameo Capalini takes a whiskey out of his pocket "never know when ya'll be needing it" And hands it to JF
[19:24]  JF Kanto applying pressure at the spot
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: but I think it missed the insides purty much
[19:24]  Black Hotaling sees Mah on the floor and panics
[19:24]  Dazar Perun cralws his way to Mah as he falls down next to her "AUnt Mah, dont....." he was ent in the best of shape him self as tears ran down his one eye that could still open "Fucking darkstone"
[19:24]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah you gotta stand up with Elysa at the wedding...
[19:24]  Meriwether Runningbear: Please Mah...
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: slid round through the flesh here
[19:24]  JF Kanto hands the whiskey to Dio
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: didn't get the bowels
[19:24]  Cameo Capalini garbs a poker
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: I don't smell no shit
[19:24]  Meriwether Runningbear rubs his hands over her arms to try to warm her
[19:24]  Cameo Capalini: *grabs
[19:24]  Pierce Reinard is Offline
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: that's real goddam good
[19:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: but dman she's lost a bucket o blood
[19:24]  Jayson Faulkner is Offline
[19:24]  Jeni Trefusis rolls herself into a sitting position, crying out in pain as she looks up at Hawk
[19:25]  Latiku Littlething: We ain't gonna let you die Mah...
[19:25]  Jeni Trefusis: Can you help me up please hon?
[19:25]  Meriwether Runningbear: I didn't see that back wound DIo till just a bit ago
[19:25]  Madeline Kohnke whispers: how is Mah?
[19:25]  Diogenes Kuhr: ((anybody get me whiskey yet?))
[19:25]  Cameo Capalini: pushes aside
[19:25]  Katie Kellner is Offline
[19:25]  Hawk Bachem lifts jeni up
[19:25]  JF Kanto: ((i just handed it to you))
[19:25]  Latiku Littlething: ((I did))
[19:25]  Black Hotaling's eyes widden "Oh fuck meh... James es gonna 'ave me 'ead."
[19:25]  Nitron Xi is Online
[19:25]  Diogenes Kuhr: thanks JF
[19:25]  Cameo Capalini hands JF a red hot poker
[19:25]  LeeLu Anatine is Offline
[19:26]  Pelenghast Silverspar holds her as she sleeps
[19:26]  JF Kanto: give it Dio Cameo
[19:26]  Guiseppi Zehetbauer is Online
[19:26]  Katie Kellner is Online
[19:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: *begins washing the wond with wiskey, concerned that Mah does not react*
[19:26]  Meriwether Runningbear holds Mahs shoulders tightly
[19:26]  Jeni Trefusis stumbles against the wall
[19:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: shit
[19:26]  Latiku Littlething: ((dazar Debris is spelt wrong))
[19:26]  Cameo Capalini passes the poker to dio
[19:26]  Dazar Perun: yaya was in a hurry
[19:26]  Hawk Bachem picks her back up again
[19:26]  Latiku Littlething: Is she in shock Dio?
[19:26]  Jeni Trefusis: ((need to relog, cant get rid of the animation brb))
[19:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: thanks Cam
[19:26]  Latiku Littlething is worried
[19:26]  Jeni Trefusis is Offline
[19:26]  Dazar Perun: title red Glass, wood dabries in body/ Cuts/scrapes/bleeding
[19:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: *presses the poker to Mah's entry wound*
[19:27]  Meriwether Runningbear begins to sing softly "hush little baby...don't say a word..."
[19:27]  Latiku Littlething: ((still wrong but meh!))
[19:27]  Meriwether Runningbear holds Mah tightly
[19:27]  JF Kanto wrinkles his nose a bit at the smell of burning flesh
[19:27]  Pelenghast Silverspar gently lays Kate down on the couch.
[19:27]  Birdie Fairymeadow is Online
[19:27]  Cameo Capalini holds his wounded left arm
[19:27]  JF Kanto continues to apply pressure
[19:27]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright now heat this up agin fer me whilst ye do that Cam, I'll get the wound clean inside
[19:28]  Dazar Perun: ((gonna log for a few guys let things calm down DJ is gonna go lay down in the Docs he cant take this))
[19:28]  Kaytlyn Irling rolls on her side as she sleeps on the couch
[19:28]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I'll be back Love.
[19:28]  Diogenes Kuhr: *pulls out her forceps and rolls mah slightly to expose her exit hole
[19:28]  Meriwether Runningbear helps DIo turn her
[19:28]  Dazar Perun: ((pluse GF calling lol))
[19:28]  Diogenes Kuhr: the wound is ugly, raw, ragged, and bits of cloth are visible*
[19:28]  Latiku Littlething: ((considering that Lucy's on the verge of a nervous breakdown))
[19:28]  Diogenes Kuhr: *spreads the wound and begins removing bits of cloth with the forceps*
[19:29]  JF Kanto: ((sorry, i have to go))
[19:29]  Jeni Trefusis is Online
[19:29]  Dazar Perun is Offline
[19:29]  Diogenes Kuhr: *wipes the sweat from her forehead withthe back of her hand*
[19:29]  Meriwether Runningbear continues to sing..."momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird"...
[19:29]  Diogenes Kuhr: goddammit
[19:29]  Black Hotaling puts his hands on head mumbling to himself "Oh... Marreh muther o' God... 'es gonna kill meh..."
[19:29]  Mae Goldflake: you ok, Kate?
[19:29]  Kaytlyn Irling: ((sleeping on couch))
[19:29]  Madeline Kohnke: ((see ya JF))
[19:29]  Jeni Trefusis stumbles across to the balcony, her head spinning
[19:29]  Mae Goldflake: feelin better?
[19:30]  Cameo Capalini: Jeni
[19:30]  JF Kanto is Offline
[19:30]  Cameo Capalini: Don't go out there
[19:30]  Diogenes Kuhr: soebody shoot that goddam idjit
[19:30]  Jeni Trefusis leans against the wall for support as she weakly walks across
[19:30]  Mae Goldflake notices that Kate is sleeping
[19:30]  Mahaila Bertrand 's head rolls to the side
[19:30]  Meriwether Runningbear looks up at the mention of Jeni's Name
[19:30]  Black Hotaling pulls his gun "Where es 'e?"
[19:30]  Jeni Trefusis cries as she looks at the scene
[19:30]  Jeni Trefusis: I'm so sorry..
[19:30]  Jeni Trefusis: ..you weren't supposed to ger hurt Mah.. Maddie...
[19:31]  Madeline Kohnke hears Jeni's voice
[19:31]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head tearfully
[19:31]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright Lucy, press with this cloth right there *indicates a spot*
[19:31]  Meriwether Runningbear continues to hold Mah and sing softly
[19:31]  Latiku Littlething: Goddamnit Jenbi! What did Ah fuckin' tell you would happen?
[19:31]  Latiku Littlething: 'k.
[19:31]  Jeni Trefusis: ..this wasnt meant to happen..
[19:31]  Jeni Trefusis ignores Lucy as she walks closer
[19:31]  Latiku Littlething puts pressure on the area indicated
[19:31]  Diogenes Kuhr: *threads her needle*
[19:31]  Mae Goldflake hears commotion upstairs and gets curious
[19:31]  Guiseppi Zehetbauer is Offline
[19:31]  Meriwether Runningbear: Jeni you don't need to be here...
[19:31]  Black Hotaling looks at Jeni with fire in his eyes "Thes es YER fault?!?!"
[19:31]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm gonna sew up the entry hole first, then we'll cauterize the exit wound and do that one up
[19:32]  Jeni Trefusis doubles over sobbing
[19:32]  Diogenes Kuhr: bout all we kin do fer her
[19:32]  Jeni Trefusis: Oh Maddie...
[19:32]  Jeni Trefusis: ...you shouldn't have come..
[19:32]  Meriwether Runningbear rocks with Mah in his arms
[19:32]  Black Hotaling: yew bes pray fer God's fergivness fer wha' yew brawt 'ere tadeh...
[19:32]  Diogenes Kuhr: I NEED A HOT FIRE IRON AGIN CAM
[19:32]  Madeline Kohnke whispers : Jeni
[19:32]  Guiseppi Zehetbauer is Online
[19:32]  Jeni Trefusis lowers her head as her tears continue to sting her cheeks
[19:32]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Put your gun down, sSir there's been enough violence tongight
[19:33]  Meriwether Runningbear: Pelen, please go help Cameo with that poker iron!
[19:33]  Black Hotaling nods and holsters his gun
[19:33]  Jeni Trefusis: If I didn't do this then he was gonna kill Kate and the baby , Maddie
[19:33]  Diogenes Kuhr: satan's huge red testicles Lucy yer a goddam good nurse
[19:33]  Jeni Trefusis: What else was I meant to do?
[19:33]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Poker Iron?
[19:33]  Latiku Littlething: Ah was taught by th' best
[19:33]  Diogenes Kuhr: *smiels weakly, I appreciate yer hep Hon
[19:33]  Meriwether Runningbear: Yes for Mah's wound
[19:33]  Jeni Trefusis collapses to the floor crying as she looks back at Pelen
[19:33]  Jeni Trefusis: Is Kate alright?
[19:33]  Mahaila Bertrand slips further away....seeing ron's face before her as she reaches out to him, wanting to be where he is
[19:33]  Mae Goldflake calls out..Mah? you ok?
[19:34]  Diogenes Kuhr: oh mah*softly*
[19:34]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Mah...Don't you leave me now...
[19:34]  Diogenes Kuhr: she cain't hear you mae
[19:34]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I'll retun then
[19:34]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm losin her
[19:34]  Latiku Littlething notices Mah's eyes glaze. "Mah. Dun you dare go into the gorram light
[19:34]  Mae Goldflake looks around
[19:34]  Blarney Beaumont: well now, aint u purty
[19:34]  Cameo Capalini hands the poker to dio

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« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2008, 11:39:30 PM »

[19:34]  Cameo Capalini hands the poker to dio
[19:34]  Meriwether Runningbear: About Damn time Cam
[19:34]  Mae Goldflake: Pel
[19:34]  Jeni Trefusis breathes deeply, her legs trembling as she rises to her feet
[19:34]  Diogenes Kuhr: If I DON"T have a red not oker soon, I wil..oh thans Hon
[19:34]  Madeline Kohnke tries to speak, but chest pain is too strong
[19:34]  Pelenghast Silverspar: what's wrong?
[19:34]  Meriwether Runningbear: Here Dio he's handin it to ye
[19:34]  Cameo Capalini: Sorry idiots in the street
[19:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: *apllies the poker to the exit wound*
[19:35]  Mae Goldflake: I'm worried, you seen Mah?
[19:35]  Mahaila Bertrand doesnt stir at the poker's fiery touch
[19:35]  Mae Goldflake frowns
[19:35]  Black Hotaling finds a letter in his jacket and kneels down by Mah "Mah... I 'ad a letter ta give ya..."
[19:35]  Pelenghast Silverspar: She's on the balcony
[19:35]  Cameo Capalini: You ok ma'am
[19:35]  Kaytlyn Irling: ((Sleeping))
[19:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: Lucy kin you take this needle an thread an start sewin up that edge o the hole there?
[19:35]  Latiku Littlething is breathing heavily as mah slips further away, her face a vision of dispair
[19:35]  Cameo Capalini: ((kk))
[19:36]  Mae Goldflake sees Jeni's wounds and cringes
[19:36]  BrotherJim Jonesford is Online
[19:36]  Black Hotaling: Et's from James... bu' yew can' read et ef yer dead.
[19:36]  Latiku Littlething nods." 'k."
[19:36]  Meriwether Runningbear starts to Pray..."DEAR LORD JESUS...COME HELP US NOW...DON'T TAKE MAH YET...SHE NEEDS RON...
[19:36]  Kaytlyn Irling makes a little snore as she sleeps heavy from the medicine
[19:36]  Diogenes Kuhr: jus press the two parts to gether with one hand and sew just like yer patchin a dress?
[19:36]  Jeni Trefusis hangs her head, her shoulders slumped as she feels defeated
[19:36]  Black Hotaling fumbles with it "I'll tell yew wha' et says..."
[19:36]  Madeline Kohnke pulls Meri's trouser leg
[19:36]  Latiku Littlething: Ah've sewn bullets 'fore Mah
[19:36]  Hawk Bachem: jeni come sit down
[19:36]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm gonna work onthe that leg o her'n
[19:36]  Meriwether Runningbear looks at Maddie
[19:36]  Jeni Trefusis cautiously approaches the stairs, not carrying if she gets shot
[19:36]  Diogenes Kuhr: alllcy do yer work then
[19:36]  Meriwether Runningbear: what sweetie?
[19:36]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'll look after her fuckin leg
[19:36]  Mae Goldflake: Jeni, you need some help..
[19:37]  Madeline Kohnke whispers: I'm in pain Meri
[19:37]  Black Hotaling coughs and looks around, breathing heavily
[19:37]  Hawk Bachem: jeni god damn it get back here
[19:37]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head, muttering weakly "I need to die..."
[19:37]  Meriwether Runningbear: Lucy you got any more of that whiskey?
[19:37]  Mae Goldflake: Jeni, that's no way to talk
[19:37]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie needs some bad
[19:37]  Latiku Littlething sews the wound shut whispering a song. "Ah onlah got mah bradah flask left
[19:37]  Blarney Beaumont: well now aint u purty
[19:37]  Black Hotaling says a prayer and begins to read "He says 'es awt o' Moun' joy... 'es got plans ta 'op on a shep..."
[19:37]  Meriwether Runningbear: Maddie's in pain
[19:37]  Madeline Kohnke tries to shake her head no
[19:37]  Diogenes Kuhr: *pulls the skirt up from Mah's twisted leg, drawas in a sharp breath as she pulls the clotted bloody cloth away revealing thebullet hole*
[19:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: washes the wond with whiskey*
[19:38]  Kaytlyn Irling moans in her sleep
[19:38]  Jeni Trefusis tearfully heads out of The Bella, heading to where she last saw Darenn
[19:38]  Blarney Beaumont: looks like somebody been a whuppin on ye
[19:38]  Jayson Faulkner is Online
[19:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: goddamit mah, you ain't dead yet
[19:38]  Hawk Bachem: jeni stop
[19:38]  Pelenghast Silverspar: jeni
[19:38]  Blarney Beaumont: i bet u asked fer it too
[19:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: don't ye make no liar outta yer ol fren Dio...
[19:38]  Meriwether Runningbear reaches over and strokes Maddies hair
[19:38]  Blarney Beaumont: heeheehee
[19:38]  Jeni Trefusis shakes her head as she continues to walk
[19:38]  Latiku Littlething: Ah've survived worse Mah! Dun be a sissy! you c'n live!
[19:38]  Meriwether Runningbear: I"m sorry sweetie...
[19:38]  Meriwether Runningbear: please hang on
[19:38]  Pelenghast Silverspar grabs at her arm
[19:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: *sets her jaw and opesn the wound up with her knife, then looks closely*
[19:39]  John Galland is Offline
[19:39]  Madeline Kohnke whispers to Meri: I'm bleeding
[19:39]  Diogenes Kuhr: shit, I can't see the sonofabitch* washes her finger with whiskey and theen begins to probe intothe wound*
[19:39]  Black Hotaling: 'es got a presen' fer ya when 'e gets back.
[19:39]  Diogenes Kuhr: there found ye ye lil no good fucker
[19:40]  Meriwether Runningbear turns to Maddie
[19:40]  Diogenes Kuhr: *pulls the extractor out her pouch and pushes it intothe wound, in a moment, pulls out the ball*
[19:40]  Diogenes Kuhr: there's a souvenir fer Mah
[19:40]  Diogenes Kuhr: Lucy ye doin allright up there Hon?
[19:40]  Salissa Wilder: hi mae
[19:40]  Latiku Littlething: it's sewn. do ah clean it? what've we got?
[19:40]  Salissa Wilder: im going in the office a bit
[19:40]  Mae Goldflake: hi Sal..
[19:40]  Meriwether Runningbear puts pressure on the wound in maddies chest
[19:41]  Mae Goldflake is exhausted
[19:41]  Diogenes Kuhr: wash it with some whskey an a clean cloth* hands her the boot knife* here trim them ends
[19:41]  Meriwether Runningbear: Dio...Maddie's still bleeding here
[19:41]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Jeni it's not safe in there
[19:41]  Madeline Kohnke shakes out of pain and coldness
[19:41]  Diogenes Kuhr: and then put some o the lobelia salve on it on a pad o folded up cloth
[19:41]  Meriwether Runningbear: this chest wound is bad
[19:41]  Jeni Trefusis breathes heavily as she leans against the door
[19:41]  Diogenes Kuhr: then we kin wrap it
[19:42]  Meriwether Runningbear: BLACK!
[19:42]  Hawk Bachem: jeni come please
[19:42]  Meriwether Runningbear: Go get us some blankets
[19:42]  Black Hotaling takes in a ragged breath and rubs his hands through his hair
[19:42]  Meriwether Runningbear: Hurry Man
[19:42]  Black Hotaling nods and looks around
[19:42]  JF Kanto is Online
[19:42]  Jeni Trefusis crying slows to a soft whimper as the pain spreads through her body
[19:42]  Black Hotaling tears the blankets off the bed and look to the other rooms
[19:42]  Latiku Littlething cleans the wound and trims the ends. 'you'll be alright mah. You've got us here!"
[19:42]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright
[19:43]  Black Hotaling kicks in the door and pulls off the sheets
[19:43]  Meriwether Runningbear: JF here hold this pressure on Maddie's chest
[19:43]  Diogenes Kuhr: doin reall goddam good Hon*smiels at Lucy*
[19:43]  Jeni Trefusis looks at Pelen blankly "..so its really over now..?"
[19:43]  Pelenghast Silverspar: it's really over
[19:43]  JF Kanto applys pressure to Maddies chest
[19:43]  Latiku Littlething: you too dio...
[19:43]  JF Kanto looks at Meri
[19:43]  Black Hotaling walks up holding a big bunch of blankets
[19:43]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Come on.
[19:43]  JF Kanto: Hows Mah doing?
[19:43]  Madeline Kohnke moans silently
[19:43]  Meriwether Runningbear takes the blankets from Black
[19:43]  Diogenes Kuhr: Mah ain't doin so good tho, dammit
[19:43]  Jeni Trefusis nods slightly
[19:43]  JF Kanto: Hang on Maddie

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« Reply #8 on: March 04, 2008, 11:39:54 PM »

[19:43]  Pelenghast Silverspar tries to grab her arms to help her up
[19:44]  Black Hotaling: [[its francis....]]
[19:44]  Jeni Trefusis: Are Kate and the baby gonna be ok?
[19:44]  Meriwether Runningbear hands JF a blanket
[19:44]  Pelenghast Silverspar: She is safe
[19:44]  Meriwether Runningbear: here JF wrap maddie in this
[19:44]  Jeni Trefusis leans against him weakly
[19:44]  Jeni Trefusis: thats...good...
[19:44]  Diogenes Kuhr: Lucy, Hon kin y'all finsih sewin up mah's leg there, then put a pad on it likeye did the t'other
[19:44]  JF Kanto takes the blanket and wraps Maddie in it
[19:44]  Jeni Trefusis: I'm sorry Pelen..
[19:44]  Meriwether Runningbear takes another blanket and wraps it around Mah
[19:44]  Mae Goldflake: Neil! what?
[19:44]  JF Kanto moving her gently
[19:44]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I know
[19:44]  Latiku Littlething: yup.
[19:44]  Diogenes Kuhr: tain't bleedin so bad so we don't need to cautherize it
[19:44]  Jeni Trefusis: I never woulda hurt them.. I promise you...
[19:44]  WilliamThewise Goodman is Online
[19:44]  Diogenes Kuhr: but wash it good when yer done
[19:44]  Madeline Kohnke looks at JF whispering : thank you
[19:44]  Mae Goldflake: we have to get him inside
[19:44]  JF Kanto smiles down at her.....
[19:45]  CookieDoe Silvansky: We got Ron, everyone! He's back!
[19:45]  JF Kanto: you just rest easy there
[19:45]  Jeni Trefusis: Are they gonna hang me for this?
[19:45]  Latiku Littlething: 'k. *begins to work carefully on Mah's leg
[19:45]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah...Mah...They found Ron Mah
[19:45]  Black Hotaling pulls a flask off his belt and downs it in one chug then wipes his mouth on his sleeve looking over and seeing Ron
[19:45]  Meriwether Runningbear gets real close to Mah's ear...
[19:45]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I don't know
[19:45]  Mahaila Bertrand sees ron just up ahead, she reaches out her hand and as his fingertips touch hers....stops breathing
[19:45]  Diogenes Kuhr: holy christ Meri, maddi's hit inthe chest?
[19:45]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah, Mah
[19:45]  CookieDoe Silvansky: He's out in the snow, we got to get him in...
[19:45]  Meriwether Runningbear: YEs Dio
[19:45]  Jeni Trefusis: ...would I be able to choose how I die?
[19:46]  Latiku Littlething: Dio! Mah stopped breathing!
[19:46]  JF Kanto: Dammit
[19:46]  Diogenes Kuhr: dammit!
[19:46]  Black Hotaling sees her stop breathing and looks around
[19:46]  Pelenghast Silverspar: no more talk of death tonight
[19:46]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah Rons coming
[19:46]  JF Kanto holding pressure onto Maddies wound
[19:46]  Latiku Littlething chokes back tears. What do Ah do?
[19:46]  Jeni Trefusis spreads her legs, trying to steady herself as she hands her head "I'm awful tired..."
[19:46]  Nitron Xi shouts out with every last attempt "MAH NO"
[19:46]  Meriwether Runningbear lays Mah down on the floor and puts his mouth on hers breathing for her
[19:46]  Latiku Littlething: ((Was cpr invented then?))
[19:46]  Jeni Trefusis: *hangs
[19:46]  Diogenes Kuhr: MAH it's RON!
[19:46]  Jeni Trefusis: Can I go sleep please Pelen?>
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Mah...Ron is here...
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear breaths again for her
[19:47]  Black Hotaling: [[no but they knew mouth to mouth and the chest beating thing]]
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear: MAH...
[19:47]  Diogenes Kuhr: 0
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear breathes again

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« Reply #9 on: March 04, 2008, 11:40:23 PM »

9:47]  Diogenes Kuhr: 0
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear breathes again
[19:47]  JF Kanto looks over at Meri....
[19:47]  Mahaila Bertrand jerks as she draws in a breath
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah...Ron's coming
[19:47]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Come on. Let's get you sit down.
[19:47]  JF Kanto sighs in relief at seeing Mah move
[19:47]  Black Hotaling pulls off the other flask and downs it
[19:47]  Jeni Trefusis squeezes her eyes shut as though it will deafen the sounds
[19:47]  Mahaila Bertrand hears his name and moves her eyes a bit, unable to open her lids but movement can still be detected
[19:47]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Kate
[19:47]  Meriwether Runningbear holds Mah in his arms again
[19:48]  Latiku Littlething: Mah stay awake for us ok? Ah know you're tired but dun sleep yet.
[19:48]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Mah...that's my girl
[19:48]  Black Hotaling: Yer beau's alive lass... yew can' let 'im be all alone naw can ya.
[19:48]  Diogenes Kuhr: MAH goddammit *her mouth grimly set but tears running down her cheeks silently*
[19:48]  Pelenghast Silverspar sighs softly looking very drawn and tired.
[19:48]  Meriwether Runningbear: Ron will be here in just a minute mah
[19:48]  Diogenes Kuhr: mah if'n you fuckin die I ain't never speakin to ye again
[19:48]  Diogenes Kuhr: I ain't gonna let ye die goddammit
[19:48]  Mahaila Bertrand draws another jerking breath as if her senses are returning
[19:49]  Madeline Kohnke looks at dio and Mah
[19:49]  Meriwether Runningbear: Dio, is Maddie gonna be ok?
[19:49]  Jeni Trefusis collapses into the chair, lowering her head wearily
[19:49]  Kaytlyn Irling wakes up and hides behind Pel at the sight of Jeni
[19:49]  Latiku Littlething: c'mon Mah... atta girl! Fight for it!
[19:49]  Black Hotaling starts to pray heavily then screams something in Gaelic and looks at the letter in his hand putting it in Mahs
[19:49]  Poohneil Streeter: Oh Cookie
[19:49]  Diogenes Kuhr: the bullet went through her tit, meri
[19:49]  JF Kanto: come on Mah
[19:49]  Meriwether Runningbear keeps the blankets close around Mah as he holds her tight
[19:49]  JF Kanto: dont leave us
[19:49]  Meriwether Runningbear: Come on Now mah...YOu can do it!
[19:49]  Pelenghast Silverspar turns and holds Kate
[19:49]  Jeni Trefusis closes her eyes as she rocks back and forth itn the seat, quietly singing a hymn to herself as though it'd keep her from hell
[19:49]  Kaytlyn Irling starts to cry remembering all that happen
[19:49]  Pelenghast Silverspar: it's alright honey, she's not going to hurt anyone.
[19:50]  Kaytlyn Irling: oh. dear. I can't..
[19:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: ye saved her life puttin pressure on that, keepin her from bleedin out
[19:50]  CookieDoe Silvansky sighs, "I wish I had more help for these folks.."
[19:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: she's allready clottin there
[19:50]  Pelenghast Silverspar: You don't have to.
[19:50]  Kaytlyn Irling: I want to go home.. please..
[19:50]  Jeni Trefusis sings louder, trying to down out Kates sobbing
[19:50]  Mahaila Bertrand flutters her eyelids....trying to open them to find ron....managing to open one slightly before the lid closes heavily once more
[19:50]  Diogenes Kuhr: I kin sew it up
[19:50]  Pelenghast Silverspar closes his eyes fighting back tears himself
[19:50]  Hawk Bachem shouts up need some help down here its ron
[19:50]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Alright.
[19:50]  Kaytlyn Irling wrings her hands in distress
[19:51]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Come on.
[19:51]  Meriwether Runningbear: See Mah... Ron's right down there on the street
[19:51]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I love you, I'm here
[19:51]  Diogenes Kuhr: goddammit hawk, me an Lucy only got four hands
[19:51]  Meriwether Runningbear holds her up a bit
[19:51]  Black Hotaling stumbles over to the door and looks over the railing and jumps and rushes over to Mah
[19:51]  Black Hotaling: [[er Ron]]
[19:51]  Kaytlyn Irling wipes away at her tears..
[19:51]  Latiku Littlething: Dio can you take care of Mah? Ah'll go see to ron...
[19:51]  Kaytlyn Irling: okay.. be safe please.
[19:51]  Kaytlyn Irling: I feel sleepy dear
[19:51]  CookieDoe Silvansky: Yes, you're right...I'll think on it, Neil. I'm not really after any sort of...high position in town.
[19:51]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I will
[19:51]  JF Kanto looks down at Maddie smiling at her...you stilll with me there Maddie?
[19:51]  Diogenes Kuhr: I need to finish Maddi to
[19:51]  Meriwether Runningbear: LUcy you do that, quick now...
[19:51]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Do you want Poppet to go with you?
[19:52]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah needs him
[19:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'll look afte things here
[19:52]  Mahaila Bertrand lies limply against Meri's chest as she manages to open her eyes and look around, her face still slack from weakness and very little awareness showing in her eyes
[19:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: you go see to Ron
[19:52]  Zooby Yellow Lab 3.3: Patrol reset, new sim.
[19:52]  Zooby Yellow Lab 3.3: The channel has been automatically set at 88
[19:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: jus give me the whiskey and the needle an I kin take care omaddi
[19:52]  CookieDoe Silvansky nods, "Agreed, tomorrow."
[19:52]  Meriwether Runningbear whispers to Mah...Mah...Ron is here...he's just downstairs
[19:52]  Madeline Kohnke looks at JF: yes... I'm still here
[19:52]  Kaytlyn Irling focuses on where she is at.. feeling the effects of the medicine
[19:52]  Zooby Yellow Lab 3.3: Now paying attention to: Kaytlyn Irling
[19:52]  Jeni Trefusis leans back in the chair as she blissfully sinks into darness
[19:52]  Jeni Trefusis: *darkness
[19:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: Maddi
[19:52]  Guiseppi Zehetbauer is Offline
[19:52]  Diogenes Kuhr: you are gonna be ok
[19:52]  Zooby Yellow Lab 3.3: name received
[19:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: good thin ye got this grand rack here
[19:53]  Poppet: Owner Control
[19:53]  JF Kanto smile a bit more....just hang on were going to get you fixed up
[19:53]  Kaytlyn Irling looks and recognizes poppet
[19:53]  Madeline Kohnke smiles at Dio
[19:53]  Madeline Kohnke: it hurts
[19:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: I know Hon
[19:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: here have some o this cheap shitty whiskey
[19:53]  Madeline Kohnke shakes her head
[19:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: drink a big ration of it
[19:53]  Meriwether Runningbear rocks with mah in his arms...singing "when ronnie comes marching home again...hurrah hurrah
[19:53]  Poppet: Now paying attention to: Kaytlyn Irling
[19:53]  Diogenes Kuhr: whilst I look at mah
[19:53]  Mahaila Bertrand 's gaze drifts upward to Meri, where she looks into his eyes with an expressionless face and slowly parts her lips to whisper so quietly it cant be heard
[19:54]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I'll be home in a bit
[19:54]  Kaytlyn Irling nods
[19:54]  Madeline Kohnke closes mouth
[19:54]  Diogenes Kuhr: Meri she breathin more reglar again?
[19:54]  Meriwether Runningbear: "we'll give him a hearty welcome then, hurrah, hurrah"
[19:54]  Meriwether Runningbear: yes, Dio, she's coming round a bit
[19:54]  Pelenghast Silverspar sighs
[19:54]  Diogenes Kuhr: good
[19:54]  Diogenes Kuhr: an Meri?
[19:54]  Black Hotaling: Where es ron hit?
[19:55]  CookieDoe Silvansky: I think he might be in the Gem, Lucy.
[19:55]  CookieDoe Silvansky: He can't crawl very far.
[19:55]  Mae Goldflake: Ron, talk to us
[19:55]  Nitron Xi blood still flowing from his head where he hit the rock going into the river
[19:55]  Diogenes Kuhr: if'n you ever have the chance to start a careeer a singin onthe stage
[19:55]  Black Hotaling: I uh... 'ave some medical backgrawnd
[19:55]  Diogenes Kuhr: for chrissakes, don't
[19:55]  Mae Goldflake: Mr. Collins...some water and cloths please
[19:55]  Latiku Littlething: Ah'm here
[19:55]  Meriwether Runningbear grins at Dio...feeling lighter for the first time all evening
[19:55]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright maddi, let's see this here
[19:55]  Cameo Capalini checks arround
[19:55]  Mae Goldflake peers at Ron's head
[19:56]  Nitron Xi breathing slows as he blacks out again
[19:56]  Diogenes Kuhr: you been drikin some o that whsikey?
[19:56]  Black Hotaling looks at the wound on his head and tears down the curtains hanging up
[19:56]  Angelique Mertel is Offline
[19:56]  Meriwether Runningbear: No, Miss Dio...you know I never touch the stuff
[19:56]  Madeline Kohnke: no, I dont want it dio
[19:56]  Latiku Littlething: ron 'i you die. Mah's gonna wanna so dun you die
[19:56]  Black Hotaling hands the clothing to Mae
[19:56]  Mae Goldflake: now, Mr Collins! please!
[19:56]  Diogenes Kuhr: no not you Meri ye feckless idkjit! Maddi!
[19:56]  Diogenes Kuhr: *grins for the first time in a hour*
[19:56]  Meriwether Runningbear: ohh...Sorry Dio
[19:56]  Black Hotaling rushes out and gets his fasks full of watter
[19:56]  Cameo Capalini shakes his head
[19:57]  Hawk Bachem: mae
[19:57]  Mae Goldflake furrows her brow at Ron's state.
[19:57]  Madeline Kohnke: am I bleeding much?
[19:57]  Mae Goldflake: Lucy..get some blankets
[19:57]  Jeni Trefusis lifts her head tiredly as she looks at Cameo
[19:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: *unbuttons Maddi's blood-soaklked dress*
[19:57]  Latiku Littlething: 'k
[19:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: this ain't so bad
[19:57]  Black Hotaling hands Mae the two flasks of water
[19:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: we're gonna fix you right up Hon

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« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2008, 11:40:45 PM »

[19:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: we're gonna fix you right up Hon
[19:57]  Mae Goldflake: Ron's soaked through, we need to warm him up
[19:57]  Latiku Littlething: we need bandages and tweesers and thread as well
[19:57]  Hawk Bachem: is he gonna be ok mae
[19:57]  Diogenes Kuhr: maddi?
[19:57]  Mae Goldflake frowns...we'll see Hawk
[19:58]  Couples MultiAnimator v2e whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
[19:58]  Cameo Capalini looks at jeni! "why jeni why?"
[19:58]  Nitron Xi starts thrashing around
[19:58]  Madeline Kohnke: yes....?
[19:58]  Diogenes Kuhr: notes approvingly that maddi seems to have imbibed a sizable bit of whsieky and is smiling loopily*
[19:58]  Black Hotaling holds Ron down
[19:58]  Mae Goldflake: easy, Ron...settle down..it's going to be ok
[19:58]  Mahaila Bertrand stirs slightly in Meri's arms, wincing as the numbness wears off and she hoarsely whispers: Ron?
[19:58]  Angelique Mertel is Online
[19:58]  Mae Goldflake: Dio around??
[19:58]  Nitron Xi breaths heavy his eyes fluttering
[19:58]  Meriwether Runningbear looks down at Mah..."Mah...Ron's just downstairs...he'll be up here soon
[19:58]  Black Hotaling: Apply pressure ta 'is 'ead woun'
[19:58]  Black Hotaling: Dio es workin on Mah
[19:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: now maddi Hon this is goona sting*takes the whskey bottle and washes the wound*
[19:59]  Mae Goldflake dabs Ron's head with a damp cloth
[19:59]  Mahaila Bertrand closes her eyes and falls back again weakly, satisfied that ron is alive
[19:59]  Hawk Bachem: wheres the damn doctors when u need them
[19:59]  Latiku Littlething: 'k Ah got everahthin' we coud need
[19:59]  Meriwether Runningbear strokes Mah's hair...It's gonna be ok Mah
[19:59]  Madeline Kohnke reaches for JF's hand
[19:59]  Black Hotaling bites the courk out of the whiskey bottle he got from behind the bar and takes a swig
[19:59]  Meriwether Runningbear: DJ's ok too
[19:59]  Mae Goldflake suddenly sees Ron's leg bleeding through his pants
[19:59]  Black Hotaling: cork*
[19:59]  JF Kanto takes Maddies hand
[19:59]  Diogenes Kuhr: that's good Hold JF's hand maddi
[19:59]  Madeline Kohnke screams out of pain
[19:59]  JF Kanto squeezing it tightly
[19:59]  Mae Goldflake: quick. another cloth to tie this wound off
[20:00]  JF Kanto: hold on to me Maddie
[20:00]  Meriwether Runningbear covers Mah's ears
[20:00]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm gonna sew on ye a bit here*threads the needle and begins putting in careful stiches*
[20:00]  Black Hotaling pulls out a knife and cuts some of the fabric off the couch and hands it to Mae
[20:00]  Latiku Littlething: Any bullet wounds?
[20:00]  Mae Goldflake grabs the cloths and ties a tounequet around Ron's leg
[20:00]  Nitron Xi starts shaking as he looks around frantic not noticing the people around him
[20:00]  Diogenes Kuhr: oh Hon I'll be done reall soon
[20:00]  Diogenes Kuhr: you jus be brave fer ol Dio allright?
[20:00]  Guiseppi Zehetbauer is Online
[20:01]  Mae Goldflake has tears starting to appear, but holds them back
[20:01]  Madeline Kohnke twitches and turns out pf pain
[20:01]  Madeline Kohnke: *of
[20:01]  JF Kanto squeezing Maddies hand tightly...hang on Maddie....
[20:01]  Black Hotaling looks at his bottle of whiskey and then at Ron
[20:01]  Nitron Xi: no darkstone.... he got her... no... Father please *reaches his hand up*
[20:01]  Hawk Bachem: hey clay we found ron
[20:01]  Diogenes Kuhr: JF hold her still if'n you would
[20:01]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'd be might obliged
[20:01]  Claytanic Kungler: Aye
[20:01]  Hawk Bachem: his over the gem
[20:01]  JF Kanto places his other hand on Maddie to hold her still
[20:01]  Diogenes Kuhr: otherwise I miht be sewin one temptation bump to the other
[20:01]  Latiku Littlething smiles at Ron. "You're gonna be ok Ron. Mae's ppatchin' you up. Dio an' Ah took care of Mah and DJ did Darkstone
[20:01]  Kaytlyn Irling is Offline
[20:01]  Mae Goldflake holds Ron's hand down...It's ok Ron...Mah's fine...trying not to let him see the lie in her face
[20:02]  Claytanic Kungler: What?/
[20:02]  JF Kanto shakes his head and grins in spite of himself
[20:02]  Mae Goldflake: you just rest easy, it's all going to be ok
[20:02]  Hawk Bachem: his in the gem saloon
[20:02]  Nitron Xi trys to turn to crawl off the couch as the blood rushes to his head causing him to black out again
[20:02]  Claytanic Kungler: Who is??
[20:02]  Mae Goldflake: whiskey please, Mr. Collins
[20:02]  JF Kanto holding Maddie tight
[20:02]  Madeline Kohnke smiles at dio inbetween screaming outof chest pains
[20:02]  Black Hotaling hands her the bottle
[20:02]  Mae Goldflake: whoa, Ron, down...stay down
[20:02]  Diogenes Kuhr: *finishes sewing up the woound and ties off the suture*
[20:03]  Diogenes Kuhr: JF you got a knife on ye? I think Lucy's got mine
[20:03]  Jeni Trefusis lifts her head as she listens to Clay talk
[20:03]  Jeni Trefusis: Darenn...?
[20:03]  Mae Goldflake: Lucy...hon..can you run quick and find Dio?
[20:03]  Black Hotaling takes the bloody cloth off his hat and applies it to Ron's head looking around
[20:03]  Salissa Wilder: reallY?
[20:03]  JF Kanto pulls out his knife and hands ti to Dio
[20:03]  Mae Goldflake: Mr. Collins..whiskey please?
[20:03]  Meriwether Runningbear tucks the blanket up around Mah some more
[20:03]  Diogenes Kuhr: thanks pard* trims the ends*
[20:03]  Black Hotaling: [[already handed you the bottle]]
[20:03]  Diogenes Kuhr: allright Hon
[20:04]  Black Hotaling hands her another bottle of whiskey
[20:04]  Jeni Trefusis looks out the door with fresh hope,
[20:04]  Mae Goldflake takes the bottle and pours a dab on a cloth to wipe Ron's head
[20:04]  Latiku Littlething: 'k Ah'll go get her

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« Reply #11 on: March 04, 2008, 11:41:21 PM »

[20:04]  Latiku Littlething: 'k Ah'll go get her
[20:04]  Cameo Capalini: Oh no you dont
[20:04]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'm gonna warp some cloth aound this with a nice slave on it*puts ointment onthe cloth and begins bandaging Maddi gently but quickly*
[20:04]  Mae Goldflake: thanks Lucy
[20:04]  Cameo Capalini sits her back down
[20:04]  Foxy Innis is Online
[20:04]  Nitron Xi trys to fight the people around him reaching for his schofield. i have to get to her..... i hav....
[20:04]  JF Kanto smiles down at Maddie...
[20:04]  Diogenes Kuhr: then we'll button you up nice an modest again
[20:04]  Nitron Xi not realising who is around
[20:04]  Jeni Trefusis heart sinks as she hears that it's Ron
[20:04]  Mae Goldflake: no Ron...shhhh
[20:04]  Black Hotaling holds his hands down
[20:04]  JF Kanto still holding her hand gently squeezing it
[20:05]  Jeni Trefusis pushes against his hand as she stays standing
[20:05]  Madeline Kohnke nods to dio
[20:05]  Black Hotaling: We nee somthin' ta catarize the woun'
[20:05]  Diogenes Kuhr: damn hon you got ye some nice curves..glad we was able to save em
[20:05]  Mae Goldflake grabs a hold of Ron's gun and gently puts it on the floor
[20:05]  Latiku Littlething: Dio. ron's gettin' real bad
[20:05]  Madeline Kohnke smiles a bit
[20:05]  Diogenes Kuhr: maddi yer a brave thing*smiels and squeezes her hand*
[20:06]  Diogenes Kuhr: makin no complaint whilst we worked on mah
[20:06]  Mae Goldflake peeks at Ron's leg wound...shuddering
[20:06]  Diogenes Kuhr: I'mn right proud o ye Hon
[20:06]  Madeline Kohnke lets tears out: thank you dio
[20:06]  Black Hotaling looks at his gun and fires all the rounds into the air and hands Mae the gun "et shoul' beh 'ot enough ta singe the wound"
[20:06]  Cameo Capalini walks upstairs to check on things
[20:06]  Diogenes Kuhr: JF you git her covered up warm an get her insdie ye hear?
[20:06]  Madeline Kohnke: I know she is much worse than me
[20:06]  JF Kanto: I will do it Dio
[20:07]  Mae Goldflake looks in shock...*mercy...this wound goes clear through his leg...
[20:07]  Diogenes Kuhr: Meri, any chance you an me kin get mah insdie an on a bed?
[20:07]  JF Kanto wrapping Maddie in the blanket again
[20:07]  Latiku Littlething: Dio?
[20:07]  Meriwether Runningbear Scoops Mah up in his Arms and Stands up with her
[20:07]  Nitron Xi eyes open wide still grabbing his empty holster
[20:07]  Diogenes Kuhr: yes Lucy?
[20:07]  Mae Goldflake glares at the large hole in Ron's leg
[20:07]  Meriwether Runningbear: sure Dio, i'm gonna take her inside
[20:07]  Latiku Littlething: Ron needs your help now
[20:07]  Nitron Xi: where is dio. he yells she will know where mah is....
[20:07]  Latiku Littlething: He's gone dilerious
[20:07]  Madeline Kohnke tries to stand up
[20:08]  JF Kanto supports Maddie
[20:08]  Hawk Bachem: oh my god she made a run for it
[20:08]  Salissa Wilder: who did
[20:08]  Cameo Capalini: JF jeni has done a runner
[20:08]  Hawk Bachem: jeni
[20:08]  JF Kanto: come on maddie
[20:08]  Meriwether Runningbear lays Mah on the bed
[20:08]  Claytanic Kungler: Who??
[20:08]  Salissa Wilder: oh?
[20:08]  Cameo Capalini: shes handcuffed
[20:08]  Meriwether Runningbear covers her up with the blanket and the bedspread
[20:09]  Claytanic Kungler looks around... scratches his head.
[20:09]  JF Kanto: ((dang..im stuck)0
[20:09]  Diogenes Kuhr: Big Cookie where's Ron?
[20:09]  CookieDoe Silvansky: ((she's been lagging all night, she might have just relogged))
[20:09]  Meriwether Runningbear: Mah, i'm gonna go get Ron
[20:09]  Meriwether Runningbear: You just stay here...
[20:09]  CookieDoe Silvansky: Ron;s in the Gem, Bio,.
[20:09]  CookieDoe Silvansky: Dio*
[20:09]  Mahaila Bertrand hears rons name and smiles softly before slipping back into much needed oblivion
[20:09]  Diogenes Kuhr: thanks Hon
[20:10]  Salissa Wilder: hi dio
[20:10]  Meriwether Runningbear: where's ron?
[20:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: howdy Sal, 8grins like an idiot*
[20:10]  Salissa Wilder: you look like you got into the ether
[20:10]  Madeline Kohnke walks slowly
[20:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: 'reckon I ought to be a goddam docotr
[20:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: seems I kin cure a fuckin rainy day*
[20:10]  Salissa Wilder: I "reckon" you are
[20:10]  JF Kanto: lets get you in bed
[20:10]  Salissa Wilder: "laughs
[20:10]  Diogenes Kuhr: laughs*
[20:11]  Meriwether Runningbear: where's Ron?
[20:11]  Claytanic Kungler cracks his neck and leans back on the couch.
[20:11]  Dazar Perun is Online
[20:11]  OOC Textiness whispers: Type /22 to speak in OOC terms.
[20:11]  Salissa Wilder: Im still not sure what all happend here tonight, but at least everone survived . . mostly
[20:11]  Meriwether Runningbear: Where is Ron???
[20:12]  Madeline Kohnke: JF
[20:12]  Foxy Innis is Offline
[20:12]  Madeline Kohnke: where are we going?
[20:12]  Salissa Wilder: at the Gem I believe
[20:12]  Cameo Capalini: Too relax maddie
[20:12]  JF Kanto: goin to lay you down onthe bed there Maddie
[20:12]  CookieDoe Silvansky nods, "he;s in the Gem."
[20:12]  Foxy Innis is Online
[20:12]  JF Kanto: ((lag si bad)0
[20:13]  Madeline Kohnke: ((oh yes....lag....))
[20:13]  JF Kanto helps Maddie into the room and onto the bed
[20:13]  JF Kanto covering her with the blanket
[20:13]  JF Kanto smiling down at her....
[20:13]  Cameo Capalini strokes her face "sleep well maddie you'll be ok"
[20:13]  Madeline Kohnke: thank you JF
[20:13]  Madeline Kohnke: thank you too cameo
[20:13]  JF Kanto: you rest now
[20:14]  Cameo Capalini smiles
[20:14]  Cameo Capalini: JF
[20:14]  Cameo Capalini: Jeni has gone
[20:14]  JF Kanto nods
[20:14]  JF Kanto: alright
[20:14]  Cameo Capalini: We must hunt her down
[20:14]  Dazar Perun: title red *Rough Patch job/ Limp/ Gimp arm
[20:14]  JF Kanto tips his hat to Miss Foxy
[20:14]  JF Kanto: Ma'am
[20:15]  Foxy Innis: JF.
[20:15]  Madeline Kohnke lay still on the bed, trying to rest
[20:15]  Dazar Perun picks up his gun as he carryes it in his good arm looking at it his entire body still sore as he walks riped to shreads still from the fight
[20:15]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Gentlemen, you did well tonight
[20:15]  JF Kanto: I think the business we discussed before has been settled
[20:15]  Foxy Innis: For good?
[20:15]  FaithMay Merryman looks around at the mess
[20:15]  JF Kanto: Yes
[20:15]  JF Kanto: DJ made sure of that
[20:15]  Dazar Perun looks over to Foxy though his one good eye
[20:15]  Foxy Innis: Is he....
[20:16]  FaithMay Merryman: I demand and explaination
[20:16]  Foxy Innis looks at DJ and her face slumps aa little more. "I see."
[20:16]  Dazar Perun looks over "They found ron" he spits up some left over blood in his mouth
[20:16]  Dazar Perun: ?*))
[20:16]  Black Hotaling gives a sigh of relief and thaks the lord he didn't have to tell McHaggis that Mah died
[20:16]  Foxy Innis: Im not sure.
[20:17]  Foxy Innis: I think so.
[20:17]  Dazar Perun holds up his Pa's gun in his hand as he looks it over a bit and shakes his head some
[20:17]  JF Kanto: I need to get some rest...
[20:17]  JF Kanto: I will see you all later.
[20:17]  Dazar Perun nods "Cya sheriff"
[20:17]  FaithMay Merryman: Ellie Jo is scared beyond words
[20:17]  Foxy Innis grabs DJs chin and angles his head so she can get a good look at him. "Well...there went your looks. But they say women like scars."
[20:18]  JF Kanto nods to everyone as he walks down the street
[20:18]  Dazar Perun winces a bit "Hey FOxy...take it easy"
[20:18]  Foxy Innis: I'll ake it easy when you use your brain more DJ.
[20:18]  FaithMay Merryman looks at the Mayor annoyed
[20:18]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Right now, we are trying to sort it out, seems one man with a couple of accomplices turned Deadwood into a warzone.
[20:18]  Foxy Innis: It's more then a lump three feet above your ass.
[20:19]  FaithMay Merryman: I KNOW! IAnd my Niece was right in the middle of it!!!
[20:19]  Pelenghast Silverspar: We are fortunate that they were the only lives lost in the process
[20:19]  Dazar Perun looks over "And what a war it was" he couphs some winches as he turns
[20:19]  Pelenghast Silverspar: I Apologize Miss faith, I wish it had not happened. My wife was in the middle of it as well
[20:19]  Foxy Innis: Ma'am, welcome to Deadwood. Get over it because I can guarantee that this is not the first or last thing to happen If you can't take it, then go some where where it's 'civilized'
[20:20]  FaithMay Merryman looks at the hurt man and looks back at the Mayor even sterner
[20:20]  Thick Kelley is Offline
[20:20]  Meriwether Runningbear is Offline
[20:20]  FaithMay Merryman looks taken aback.. "The baby?"
[20:20]  Dazar Perun looks at her "You Ellijos aunt?"
[20:20]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Both safe and at home sleeping
[20:20]  FaithMay Merryman turns to the hurt man again "Why yes I am"
[20:20]  Foxy Innis peeks in the gem and returns. "What a week to go to Denver.."

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« Reply #12 on: March 04, 2008, 11:43:49 PM »

This whole rp happened so fast and i swear the entire sim got involved.
Thank you to everyone who helped out and to everyone who were kind enough to let darenn live so we could carry the story out as planned.
There is more to post and sort through, but I will tell you that all participants are alive except for our dear Darenn, who is presumed dead in the fire......

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« Reply #13 on: March 04, 2008, 11:47:52 PM »

20:15]  Nitron Xi:
[20:12]  You: mah nooo.... *tears flowing from his eyes* she is every..... looks around franticly
[20:12]  Mae Goldflake: Mr. Collins..can...oh..thank God..Dio!
[20:12]  Nitron Xi closes his eyes [20:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: how do mr. Gunsmith*smiels gently*
[20:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: Ron, it's Dio
[20:12]  Foxy Innis is Offline [20:12]  Mae Goldflake whispers....Dio..head wound and leg wound that looks nasty [20:12]  Diogenes Kuhr: kneels by the sofa
[20:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: Ron [20:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: mah is gonna be ok [
20:13]  Latiku Littlething: Ah dun know nothin' 'bout head wounds
[20:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: lcuy an me we done patched her up real good
[20:13]  Nitron Xi opens his eyes franticaly looking around still not seeing anything around him
[20:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: ye'd be proud o her Ron
[20:13]  Diogenes Kuhr: you hear me? [
20:13]  Meriwether Runningbear: Ron, Mah is up in the Bella on a bed...all nice and cozy waiting for you
[20:13]  Nitron Xi looks over "dio is that you...
[20:16]  Nitron Xi:
[20:13]  Mae Goldflake feels relief flowing over her now that Dio is here [20:14]  Diogenes Kuhr: *softly continues* Ron, she got that toughness from you like you said [20:14]  Sirhc Martinek is Online
[20:14]  Diogenes Kuhr: her own grit, an the love o f you...
[20:14]  Black Hotaling looks at Dio "Yew need somethin'?"
[20:14]  Meriwether Runningbear: Dio, Mah is in that big bedroom upstairs by the Balcony Door in the Bella
[20:14]  Nitron Xi tears still coming out of his eyes dio... he got her darkstone... dio help me please...
[20:14]  Diogenes Kuhr: it done give her what she needed to pull through
[20:15]  Diogenes Kuhr: *gently touches his lips with her fingertip*
[20:15]  Meriwether Runningbear: Ron, Darkstone is Dead...Mah is gonna be fine
[20:15]  Diogenes Kuhr: hush no Ron

[20:35]  Nitron Xi:
 [20:23]  Nitron Xi breathing slows more the pain still throbing in his head. "pop thank you" as he reaches his hand up to almost touch the vision he is seeing floating over his head
[20:24]  Latiku Littlething takes his hand to bring him back.
 [20:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: *contiues working on his leg , sewing the holes up*
[20:24]  Diogenes Kuhr: ye talkin with yer pa Ron?
[20:25]  Nitron Xi looks over "he was there dio..." coughs "he said he was proud of me and that i was not ready to join him"
[20:25]  Diogenes Kuhr: *begins looking at the head wound*
[20:26]  Latiku Littlething: 'ey ron... gotta joke fer ya...
[20:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: I reckon yer pa is inthe happy Huntin groun Ron..ye suppose he might been a visitin with m' papaw?
[20:35]  Nitron Xi:
[20:26]  You: "he said.... i had a very important reason to go on... and he then said mah"
 [20:26]  Trance Field is Offline
[20:26]  Nitron Xi tears start running down his cheek
[20:26]  Diogenes Kuhr: *smiles as she feels hot tears running down her own cheeks* [20:27]  Diogenes Kuhr: yes Ron, mah is still here
[20:27]  Pelenghast Silverspar: How's he doing?
[20:27]  Diogenes Kuhr: an she needs you
[20:27]  Diogenes Kuhr: an yer pa sent ye back to make sure ye finsihed yer job here on this goddam vale o tears
[20:38]  Nitron Xi:
 [20:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: Ron* very softly* if'n ye see yer pa again afore ye wakes allthe way up,
[20:35]  Pelenghast Silverspar: Good evening
[20:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: ask him to say hello to jack, an m' Papaw
 [20:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: an Al fer me [
20:35]  Diogenes Kuhr: good night yer Honor
[20:36]  Diogenes Kuhr: *gently strokes Ron's matted, wet blodd-clotted hair*
[20:38]  Nitron Xi opens his eyes and looks at dio [
20:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: *smiels* hey pard
[20:38]  You: "i...felt her slipping away dio....
[20:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: yes Hon , but she come back
[20:38]  Diogenes Kuhr: an she's gonna be here fer ye
 [20:38]  You: i... dont know how to explain it dio...
[20:39]  Nitron Xi:
[20:39]  Diogenes Kuhr: ye ain['t gotta
[20:39]  Diogenes Kuhr: she's got grit, almost as much as ye do
[20:39]  Diogenes Kuhr: but more'n that, she loves ye more than the very power o death
20:40]  You: "it was... *another tear runs down his face* like a peace of me was dieing inside"

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« Reply #14 on: March 05, 2008, 12:18:17 AM »

that was Crazy Epic to put it bluntly

I hope and pray that none may kill me,
Nor I kill any, with woundings grim
But if ever any should think to kill me
I pray thee, God, let me kill him
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